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NEC Awards Outstanding Partners

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NEC Partner Awards

At the NEC Display Trends Forum 2015/16 (brings together NEC customers, partners, speakers and staff from 26 countries to discuss the industry today and its future), NEC Display Solutions Europe also featured the EMEA Partner Award Ceremony.

Outstanding achievements by eight of NEC’s partners were recognised. 

The event, in Berlin, focused on the theme Discover Bright Places and featured the vibrant and rapidly changing world of visual communication. It was attended by 100 leading market strategists and implementation experts and gave delegates an understanding of how engaging visual experiences will affect customers and how business opportunities will evolve. Key topics included ‘The Digital Space Race’, focusing on the importance of size for signage, and ‘The Brightest Places’, exploring vertical industries that are leading the effective use of immersive and engaging display applications.

  1. Desktop Monitors Partner of the Year, Ingram Micro (Germany)
  2. Large Format Display Partner of the Year, Midwich (UK)
  3. Commercial Projector Partner of the Year, Kern & Stelly (Germany)
  4. Professional Projector Partner of the Year, EET Europarts (Nordic)
  5. Solutions Partner of the Year, Exertis (UK)
  6. Growth Partner of the Year, Van Domburg Partners (Benelux)
  7. Recognition Award (for the biggest increase in active NEC Resellers), Ingram Micro (Spain)
  8. Outstanding Partnership in Distribution – in recognition of 25 years of partnership with NEC, Delo Computer (Germany)

Go NEC Awards Outstanding Partners

ClearOne Increases Market Share Lead

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CONNECT Bluetooth

ClearOne earned an impressive 51.5% share of the 2014 global installed audio conferencing endpoints revenue. The company gained share compared to the previous year, says new research from Frost & Sullivan (Analysis of the Global Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market).

ClearOne expanded its product line to enter new and adjacent markets for audio and video applications. Historically focused on installed audio conferencing devices, ClearOne has also entered the tabletop and video conferencing markets.

ClearOne continues to develop and introduce innovative audio and video products for conferencing, collaboration, streaming, and digital signage applications. In 2015, the company launched CONNECT Bluetooth, a USB adapter that enables Bluetooth connectivity for all ClearOne conference phones and also provides audio bridging capability that can connect PC voice/video applications and mobile phone calls into a unified group conference.

It also launched a digital wireless microphone that supports Dante technology, which ensures maximum privacy and security through radio-frequency digital wireless signal transmission technology.

Go Analysis of the Global Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market, NF8C-64

Polycom Marks 25 Years by Launching NewSolutions

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RealPresence Trio

Wow, it’s 25 years for Polycom… and just think how the videoconferencing industry has changed.

Everything changes with time, of course.

"Work," for example, has drastically changed: from a place we went to each weekday, it’s now something that we do, irrespective of time, location and devices. Traditional offices and meeting rooms give way to open, team and mobile spaces as well as small ”huddle rooms.” All of this presents new challenges (and new opportunities) for work collaboration.

Recognizing this, to coincide with its quarter-of-a-century anniversary, Polycom unveils collaboration solutions focused on advancing the workplace of the future within organisations across the globe, enabling customers to collaborate more effectively across a new and broader array of workspaces.

Peter Leav, Polycom's President and Chief Executive Officer, says "As we celebrate our 25th year of innovation and leadership, we are announcing breakthrough collaboration experiences that uniquely place people at the heart of collaboration enabling them to work better, smarter, and more efficiently. We are delivering the workplace of the future today."

Polycom RealPresence Trio is the first smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the iconic three-point conference phone into a voice, content-sharing and video system that can fit into any team environment. Meetings start quickly with one-touch integration with calendars and participants can easily pair mobile devices or laptops to the RealPresence Trio solution to share content in HD quality. Add a webcam and now RealPresence Trio is a full visual collaboration solution that turns any space into a work hub. Easy to deploy, RealPresence Trio technology has broad interoperability and integration across multiple UC platforms including Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync, BroadSoft and others.

Research conducted by Polycom illustrates that while more traditional conference room settings are used in greater numbers, flexible collaborative environments are preferred for more open and effective collaboration. Polycom RealPresence Centro is the industry's first collaboration solution purpose-built to put people at the centre of collaboration. RealPresence Centro was built with instinctual human behaviour in mind - people feel more comfortable communicating and collaborating in the round. Polycom's patented 360-degree voice and video technology automatically tracks the speaker, while also showing the entire meeting space on the same screen. RealPresence Centro puts those on the far end of the call in the middle of the conversation enabling deeper engagement, quicker decisions and better outcomes. The intuitive touch screens make it simple to get a meeting started on time every time. The RealPresence Centro solution also offers wireless pairing with many devices, and has unique built-in proximity sensors to enable responsive and intelligent interaction.

RealPresence Centro

With a focus on simplicity and affordability, RealPresence Debut brings enterprise grade video collaboration to the huddle room-- as well as for small or medium sized businesses with limited IT resources. Set-up time takes just minutes and the user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind to enable anyone to start and manage a call. The all-in-one design incorporates Polycom's NoiseBlock technology, and a pan, tilt and zoom camera and 1080p quality for video and content. RealPresence Debut is cloud-ready and can easily connect into Polycom's RealPresence Cloud services to ensure organisations large and small may purchase and deploy it easily \with no IT support needed.

Polycom RealPresence Medialign, a turnkey Polycom Group Series solution for multiple work environments - Polycom RealPresence Medialign enables consistent collaboration solutions across the enterprise without the need to alter the room in any way. RealPresence Medialign has a modern, all-in-one design and is the only solution that features Polycom's industry-leading and patented voice, content-sharing/management and video technology. RealPresence Medialign technology can be quickly assembled and installed without tools and interoperates with the broadest array of UC platforms in the market. Like every RealPresence Group Series solution, RealPresence Medialign features unique NoiseBlock technology, Polycom Acoustic Fence audio technology and Polycom EagleEye Producer and EagleEye Director camera.

Polycom Concierge is the first enterprise software that instantly connects your device to solutions across Polycom's collaboration portfolio for ease of conference control. Polycom is introducing the industry's first enterprise software that automatically connects to personal devices, including personal PCs and smartphones to Polycom solutions. The Polycom Concierge technology enables user devices to be at the centre of meeting control, wirelessly connecting to Polycom solutions including RealPresence Group Series, RealPresence Medialign, Polycom Open Telepresence Experience rooms and RealPresence Immersive Studio[systems. Upon entering the room, users will experience familiar interface for conference control and content sharing, personalising the group meeting. Participants can easily invite additional team members; adjust the volume and far-end camera angles or mute active participants all from an application on their own device. Polycom Concierge technology allows users to share content from their devices and even see content shared from others - up close on their own device. Users can also easily connect to a call right from their calendar from any room.

New Solutions for Microsoft O365 Environments Polycom VVX* business media phones will be the first phones to support and interoperate with the forthcoming cloud voice service offering as part of Microsoft Office 365.

"People work differently today. And they work in different places. Ideally, technology should allow customers to make any location a mobile workstation. But few solutions on the market today address the business and workflow issues that come with the next generation workplace," said Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. "Polycom's new releases challenge the notion that work happens in traditional meeting rooms only. Instead, these solutions bring collaboration to the places customers want to work including small meeting rooms and informal meeting spaces."

OK, he probably gets paid to say that…but nonetheless you can’t argue the fact that the workplace is changing and Polycom is doing the right thing by creating new approaches and new kit to address the way we now work.

Go Polycom Marks 25 Years of Industry Leadership by Announcing Innovative Solutions

Extron Ships XTP 4K Fiber Products

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XTP CP Fiber 4K

Extron Electronics announces the immediate availability of the XTP CP Fiber 4K input and output matrix boards, XTP FT HD 4K transmitters, and XTP FR HD 4K receivers that expand the XTP Systems family.

These products enable switching and long distance transmission of video signals up to 4K/30 with 4:4:4 chroma sampling at 8 bits per color, along with multi­channel audio, bidirectional control, and Ethernet, over a single fiber.

The I/O boards and endpoints are HDCP compliant, and support data rates up to 10.2 Gbps, 12-bit Deep Color, 3D content, and HD lossless audio formats.

XTP 4K Fiber products are compatible with the new XTP II CrossPoint Series as well as the original XTP CrossPoint matrix switchers.

Available in multimode and singlemode, Extron exclusive and custom designed XTP 4K Fiber optical modules increase distance performance over standard OM4 fiber optic cabling.

"With Extron’s emphasis on engineering, we are able to develop products you won't find anywhere else," says Casey Hall, VP Sales and Marketing for Extron. "We have set XTP II apart, not only with the industry's first 50 Gbps backplane, but also by a full complement of fiber optic products for switching and transmitting 4K video within XTP Systems."

XTP II CrossPoint matrix switchers are the first in the Pro AV industry to offer a 50 Gbps switching backplane. Designed and engineered to the highest standards, the 50 Gbps backplane delivers bandwidth performance that exceeds HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.3 signal requirements for all 4K/60 rates and gives future support for emerging resolutions, such as 8K.

Extron says XTP II is "the only AV technology platform that supports uncompromised 4K video while providing additional bandwidth to accommodate anticipated future video resolutions and formats."

Go Extron’s XTP 4K Fiber Products

Watch Extron’s XTP 4K Fiber Products, the Video

Vision’s HDMI Powerline

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Vision TC2-HDMIP

Need to get HDMI signal from one room to another through solid walls?

Vision’s HDMI Powerline is a transmitter and receiver set that sends content from your Blu-ray, TV tuner, or PC through the existing electrical power cables from one room to another.

According to Vision, it has almost no delay – just 1/33 of a second – and it is designed for ‘mission-critical’ professional audio visual installations where performance and reliability are key.

Plug everything in, turn it on, and it works by design without complex setup. The system transmits the content from one transmitter to one receiver only. Onscreen diagnostics help eliminate problems if any are encountered.

Maybe you want to move your TV to another room but you can’t easily move your satellite TV box? Or would you like to duplicate the content from your tuner box to a second TV in another area? Or you have a professional AV application where you can’t easily run cables and wireless won’t work through the walls. This unit solves those annoying problems.

  • Transmits HDMI and IR over existing electrical cables (230v only)
  • 2-input HDMI switcher integrated into transmitter
  • IR Pass-through so you can use your cable TV remote at the receiver

It combines Qualcomm Powerline 500Mbps technology (also known as Homeplug) with the best available H.264 compression. Proprietary Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that the signal has priority and won’t drop out, while the H.264 compression ensures the 1080P content maintains the highest possible quality. (H.264 is the main compression used on Blu-ray discs.)

The transmitter features two HDMI inputs and an HDMI output. A remote control is included to switch input. This remote can be used at the transmitter or receiver.

Point your satellite tuner box remote control at the receiver and the IR signal will be passed back down the power cables to your satellite box. A cabled IR receiver plugs into the receiver, and a cabled IR emitter plugs into the transmitter, allowing the transmitter and receiver to be hidden away.

Supports HDMI 1.3 with full HDCP compliance.

Note: this product depends on all items being on the same power phase. It uses the active and neutral wires in the electrical wiring.

Go Vision TC2-HDMIP

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