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IDC: Holiday Promotions Save EMEA PC

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According to IDC EMEA Q4 2014 PC shipments total 25.5 million units with 2% Y-o-Y growth as "strong" holiday season consumer demand helps the market retain positive (if "modest and patchy") results for a 3rd consecutive quarter.

The analyst adds EMEA shipments for overall 2014 are up by 5.5% to 93.3m units.


W. Europe remains the growth driver for the region, with 10.7% Y-o-Y Q4 2014 shipment growth through "healthy" consumer shipments, while CEE shipments are down by -18.7% Y-o-Y and MEA shows 2.6% Y-o-Y growth. Meanwhile currency fluctuations impact N. Europe, Russia and other CEMA countries, as do an unstable political situation and macroeconomic weaknesses. Either way, the analyst says EMEA dynamics point out a need for renewals in mature markets, as well as the struggles of emerging economies.

Barco Develops Portable Simulation Dome

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Barco introduces a range of dome displays for the training and simulation market. Using high-tech screens and optics, and lightweight support structures, Barco says these new simulation domes are easy to transport and to set up. Available in different configurations, with varying number and type of projectors, the TD series brings simulation to any location.

Barco Dome

The new TD series are basically transportable domes have been developed for fast deployment with an absolute minimum of adjustment and can fit and operate in a standard ISO container.

The TD series is available in configurations with one, three or five specialized projectors, all with a diameter of 2.3 meter. The flagship model is the five-channel TD-522 with F22 projectors, covering a HFOV of 220° and a VFOV or +54 to -42.5°.

Yes, Electronic Paper for Digital Signage

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How about a Build-Your-Own-Sign using electronic paper technology?

VisionectLuka Birsa, Visionect CTO, argues “Electronic paper’s high-readability and low power consumption make it ideal not only for e-books, but also for use in digital signs – which can now come in any size and are no longer limited to the dimensions of electronic paper displays available on the market. New hardware and software from Visionect make it possible to build a custom digital sign by combining multiple EPDs or electronic paper displays into larger screens for the first time, ushering in a new era of digital signage.”

The new Visionect Platform enable companies to develop their own electronic paper digital signage products and solutions that are custom-tailored to their exact needs.

UC Market Trends to Watch in 2015

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According to Ovum’s 2015 Trends-To-Watch report on Unified Communications (UC), large enterprises and SMEs are turning to new ways of purchasing, deploying, and managing business communications technology-- and cloud-based communications services are among the root causes of this transformation.

Unified CommsBrian Riggs, principal analyst of enterprise services at Ovum, says: “Enterprises considering UC solutions in 2015 will encounter a market undergoing considerable change. Video will become ubiquitous as consumerization, WebRTC, and other factors make videoconferencing available from any application and any device. Meanwhile UC services will become better enabled to support complex hybrid cloud deployment models.”

Deciso Intros Open Source Firewall

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OPNsense firewallDeciso launches the OPNsense firewall appliance-- a turnkey open source firewall alternative offering an easy-to-use yet powerful security platform powered by the AMD G-Series system-on-a-chip (SoC).

According to the company the G-Series SoC allows for a stable, cost effective and durable product, as well as gigabit network security. Meanwhile the embedded low-power design eliminates high cooling requirements, since the quad-core version has a typical power usage of only 20W.

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