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Hostway Intros Microsoft-Powered Private Cloud

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SMB-focused cloud hosting provider Hostway launches a collection of virtual and dedicated private cloud services based on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure Pack (WAP).

CloudAccording to the company the cloud services and related management technologies integrates with Windows Server, System Server and SQL server, and offer SMBs "greater and granular control over their cloud."

Meanwhile the Windows Server 2012 R2 foundation adds performance enhancements, failover improvements (via Hyper-V live migration capabilities) and self-service management of virtual machines and cloud resources through the WAP interface.

HGST Intros 10TB Ultrastar Archive

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HGST launches what it claims is the first enterprise-class 10TB HDD designed for next-generation active archive applications-- the host-managed Ultrastar Archive Ha10 SMR HDD.

HGST Ultrastar Archive The drive combines a pair of technologies, namely the 2nd generation HelioSeal helium-filled HDD platform and shingled magnetic recording (SMR), a core technology involving the overlapping (or "shingling") of data tracks on top of each other for higher areal density within the same physical footprint.

HGST adds the Ha10 is rated at 2 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF) and features a 10-15 unrecoverable reduced bit error rate, rotation vibration safeguards, 600K load/unload cycles and a 5-year limited warranty.

Samsung Reveals Transparent, Mirror OLEDs

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Samsung shows off what it claims are a couple of industry firsts at the 2015 Retail Asia Expo-- transparent and mirror OLED display panels with integrated Intel RealSense technology designed for commercial applications, if with potential consumer use for the future.

Samsung transparent oledThe mirror OLED panel finds use as a "virtual necklace" display at the Chow Sang Sang jewelry company, with the combination of mirror display and 3D cameras allowing customers to play with an interactive (or "self-modelling") wardrobe, with hand gestures providing necessary input. The panel also features higher reflectivity (75%) than similar mirror LCDs, high contrast ratios and no need ambient backlighting.

Gartner: Cellular-Embedded Devices on the Up

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Mobile internet is not just for smartphones, Gartner says-- cellular-embedded mobile PC, tablet and mobile hot spot device shipments are up by 5.6% to 112 million in 2015 as demand for always-on internet connectivity drives further adoption.

Connected devices"Mobile access is not just about smartphones," the analyst remarks. "Consumers and business users alike want to connect multiple mobile devices to the Internet at an affordable cost or at an acceptable data rate."

The growing number of non-smartphone devices-- and resultant connection needs-- represent, of course, an opportunity for vendors, retailers and telcos. Some companies are even going for collaborations, such as the case of HP, Qualcomm and T-Mobile, who offer a 200MB of free data monthly with the 4G-enabled HP Stream Book 13.

Global cellular-embedded mobile PC (notebooks and premium ultramobiles) should grow from 1.8m to 4.9m from 2014 through 2019, with penetration growing from 1.3% to 2.7% of total mobile PCs. Such totals should remain relatively low, as the majority of mobile PCs find desk-based use, and such tend to have fixed broadband access. However Gartner points out an opportunity in premium ultramobiles, which tend to be preferred by frequent travellers willing to pay extra for easy internet access.

The Next Means of IoT Device Charging: Wifi?

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Researchers at the University of Washington propose wifi can do more than simply wirelessly connect devices to networks and the internet-- it might also be able to charge device through "Power over Wifi" (PoWiFi).

BatteryThe system consist of two components, namely an access point (or router) and specially-built sensors. The access point features custom software allowing it to simultaneously act as power delivery source and wifi router, while the sensors harvest RF power and convert it into DC power.

Admittedly wifi signals carry a limited amount of power-- 1W to be precise, making it unsuitable with smartphones but still ideal for the small connected devices making the Internet of Things (IoT). As such the researchers have used PoWiFi to power a small camera located 5m away from a router, as well as charge a fitness charger and temperature sensors.

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