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EMC Presents ScaleIO Nodes

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EMC makes use of 2013 acquisition ScaleIO in more than just software-- the company announces ScaleIO nodes, a packaged offering bundling ScaleIO software with EMC commodity servers.

ScaleIO NodeAs the company puts it, ScaleIO nodes allow customers to quickly build a fully-architected software-defined scale-out server SAN in a pre-validated, tested and configured solution.

The system combines HDDs, SSDs and PCIe flash cards to create a virtual block storage pool. The software features multi-tenant capabilities, quality of service, thin provisioning, snapshots and data protection.

Xerox PARC Develops Self-Destructing Chip

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Xerox PARC researchers show off a Mission Impossible-inspired twist on security at DARPA's Wait, What? event-- a chip able to self-destruct into thousands of pieces too small for reconstruction.

PARC chipDesigned to store critical data such as encryption keys, the chip is built using Gorilla Glass, the tough glass used in many smartphone displays. As PARC puts it the glass is "ion-exchange tempered," a process causing the glass to be stressed to the point where it can break through the application of heat.

As such, the chip carries a small resistor that heats up the glass, causing it to shatter. Even the fragments remain stressed, and continue to break down into smaller pieces, rendering the chip all but useless.

Sharp 8K Display Soon Hits Market

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The dispay market might still be gearing up for the 4K/UHD standard, but Sharp is already preparing for the next big thing-- the company announces the Super Hi-Vision 8K display (model LV-85001) hits the Japanese market next month.

Sharp 8K DisplayTechnically a monitor (since it does not actually receive 8K video) designed for professional use, the LV-85001 was first seen at CES 2015. It carries an IGZO LCD panel, features 7680x4320 resolution and requires the plugging in of all 4 HDMI inputs in order to watch actual 8K video.

Linux Light Bulbs for LED-Based Communications

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Disney Research presents a means for enable gadgets to communicate with each other inside smart indoor environments-- the Linux Light Bulb, an LED flashing out data using visible light.

Disney Linux BulbsThe technology, dubbed Visible Light Communication (VLC) is not actually new. What the Disney researchers add is an IP stack and other networking protocols inside a Linux-based VLC system-on-a-chip (SoC) one can integrate into existing LED lamps.

Such a means of communications bypasses other wireless channels used in the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), such as ZigBee, wifi or Bluetooth, and can be supported by any device able to switch an LED on and off.

Microsoft Reveals Devices on 6 October

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Microsoft sends out invites for a 6 October 2015 event involving "exciting news about Windows 10 devices"-- meaning the company will (probably) launch a new Surface tablet and a couple of Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Microsoft October eventsA number of news sources claim to know what Microsoft has in store for the event. For instance The Verge says the company will not only launch the Surface Pro 4, but also the Lumia 950/950 XL smartphones and even a Band wearable sequel.

Reportedly the Surface Pro 4 retains the same form factor and charging mechanism as the Pro 3, but might include features such as Windows Hello support and a higher display resolution. Other rumours suggest the possibility of a larger, 14-inch version of the device.

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