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Emergence of All-in-One Collaborative Solutions

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The global web conferencing market is experiencing a combination of maturity and reinvention. Application convergence, cloud, mobility and social technologies are transforming the Web conferencing landscape, resulting in groundbreaking technology shifts that are empowering users with greater productivity benefits.

Frust Sullivan conferencingNew analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Analysis of the Global Web Conferencing Market, finds that the market, which includes software as a service (SaaS) and on-premises solutions, grew at a healthy growth rate of 10.5% in 2013 reaching $2 billion in revenue. Web conferencing software and service revenue are forecasted to hit $3.05 billion by 2018 at a compound annual growth rate of 8.8%. SaaS, which contributed 83% of total web conferencing revenue in 2013, remains the dominant model.

ZyPer4K by ZeeVee

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ZyPer4K“Challenge what you know about video distribution,” says ZeeVee as it launches ZyPer4K.

ZyPer4K supports distribution of Ultra HD, uncompressed video, audio and other data signals using off-the-shelf 10Gb Ethernet switching technology and ZyPer4K transmitter and receiver modules.

Dell Presents Venue 10 7000

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Dell launches a larger version of the Venue 8 7000 tablet-- the Venue 10 7000, a 10-inch version of the Android-based device designed for use by both enterprise and consumer customers.

Dell Venue 10Like it smaller sibling, the Venue 10 features a 2560x1600 OLED display. It is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 CPU, an RealSense depth camera and audio via MaxxAudio Mobile technology.

Meanwhile a magnetic keyboard accessory allows users to use the tablet in 5 configurations familiar to any user of Lenovo's Yoga devices-- tablet, slate, stand, tent or clamshell.

Meet the Smallest Computer

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How small do you think the smallest autonomous computer in the world actually is? The Michigan Micro Mote (M^3) measures all of 1 millimetre cubed, making it smaller than a grain of rice.

Micro MoteThe result of 10 years of work by University of Michigan researchers, the M^3 is rather capable despite its minuscule dimensions. It can take pictures, read temperatures, record pressure and even communicate with other computers via radio. Such capabilities make it a "complete" computer.

“To be "complete," a computer system must have an input of data, the ability to process that data-- meaning process and store it, make decisions about what to do next-- and ultimately, the ability to output the data.” team member Prof. David Blaauw says. “The sensors are the input and the radios are the output. The other key to being a complete computer is the ability to supply its own power.”

Mirantis Joins Cloud Foundry

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Mirantis announces it is now part of the Cloud Foundry Foundation-- but, unlike other foundation members, it will not build an own Cloud Foundry distribution, as instead it will retain its OpenStack-exclusive focus.

MirantisHow come? Mirantis wants to use its membership to further integrate the OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with the Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Or, as the company puts it, "it is the best way to give our customers choice in how they architect their cloud, and this philosophy applies to the PaaS layer. Whether it’s Cloud Foundry, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, or some other PaaS-- we don’t care as long as it runs on OpenStack."

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