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HPE Presents "Composable Infrastructure" With Synergy

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announces Synergy-- a hybrid cloud platform based on a "groundbreaking" architecture the company dubs "Composable Infrastructure."

HPE SynergyEssentially, Synergy combines storage, compute and network hardware in a single chassis, together with management software allowing customers to quickly configure the hardware to provide just the resources required to run an application. Or, as HPE puts it, users can "compose and recompose" hardware to boot up ready to deploy all workloads (physical, virtual and containerised), with software self-discovering and self-assembling the required infrastructure. A unified API allows 100% interface programmability together with bare-metal interfaces for IaaS applications.

Gartner: Regionally Mixed Q3 2015 Results for Servers

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Global server shipments grow by 9.2% Y-o-Y while revenues increase by 7.5% Y-o-Y in Q3 2015, Gartner reports, even as currency exchange rates affect the market in some regions-- including E. Europe.

Gartner Q3 2015 servevr revenues

"Q3 2015 produced growth on a global level with mixed results by region," the analyst says. "All regions showed growth in both shipments and vendor revenue, except for E. Europe, Japan and Latin America, which posted revenue declines of -5.8%, -11.7% and -24.2%, respectively, for the period."

Epson Intros In-Office Paper Recycler

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Environmentally conscious customers wanting to reduce office paper waste might be interested in the PaperLab-- a machine Epson claims is "the world's first compact office papermaking system."

Epson PaperlabIn a few words, the PaperLab recycles used paper (including office paper, business cards and even coloured or scented paper) into fresh sheets of various sizes, thicknesses and types. Making the machine even more environmentally-friendly is the fact it does not use water. Instead uses special adhesives to bind stripped paper fibres before calibrating sheet whiteness and thickness.

Customers can use different binders to create paper with various properties, such as different colours, fragrance or flame resistance.

Cisco Updates ACI Platform

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Cisco updates the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) software defined networking (SDN) platform with the addition of microsegmentation, increased virtualisation capabilities and Docker support.

Cisco Microsegmentation comes on both physical (bare metal) and multivendor virtualised applications (VMware VDS, Microsoft Hyper-V), extending ACI across multi-site environments to deliver policy-driven automation across multiple datacentres.

Meanwhile Docker container integration comes through the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and Project Contiv, an open source project defining infrastructure operation policiesfor container-based application deployment.

DRAMeXchange: SSDs Soon to Reach HDD Prices

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According to DRAMeXchange the Q4 2015 average contract price of mainstream PC-Client OEM SSDs is down by 10-11% Y-o-Y-- marking a 4th consecutive quarter of SSD price declines exceeding 10%.

SSDThus, the analyst predicts 256GB SSDs will be "close to price parity" with mainstream HDDs in 2016, bringing about an increase of over 30% (an industry first) in notebook SSD adoption.

Global notebook shipments total 43.3 million with 13% growth in Q3 2015-- initially impressive numbers until one points out the shorter Q2 2015 base period. Meanwhile channel distributors proved conservative in Q3 2015 restocking efforts due to expectations of lower NAND flash prices, bringing about just a slight increase in total retail SSD shipments and a notebook SSD adoption rate of 24-25%.

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