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Ringdale Declares "Fax Not Dead"

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Texas-based solid-state technology vendor Ringdale claims to breathe new life in your customers' fax machines with updates to the ModuLAN digital fax receiver, a means for converting faxes into PDF email attachments.

Fax receiverAs the company puts it, fax machines are secure (since it is difficult to intercept faxes over analog phone lines), and as such remain popular with businesses. The ModuLAN digital fax receiver adds further security by converting faxes into PDF attachments emailed to intend recipients, thus further eliminating the risk of fax loss or interception, as well as the need for scanning or opting for digital storage.

ModuLAN is a self-contained appliance customers connect directly to the fax-phone line and LAN. It converts faxes to PDF before attaching to emails sent either directly to an inbox or preprogrammed mail server with need for a computer, and can also forward to any FPT server for archiving and distribution.

Intel Delays 10nm Cannonlake

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The Intel Moore's law-based chip release schedule cracks as the company delays the next generation "Cannonlake" processor launch-- the chips, fabricated using a 10nm process, will see release on H2 2017.

Intel dieMoore's law dictates a two-year chip chip technology upgrade cycle.

Back at IDF 2013 Chipzilla announced a 2015 release for the 10nm Cannonlake. That date was later pushed back to 2016, before the most recent delay. How come? It turns out that really tiny architecture is really complex to build.

"On all of these technologies, each one has its own recipe of complexity and difficulty, and 14-nanometer to 10-nanometer [is the] same thing that happened from 22-nanometer to 14-nanometer," Intel CEO Brian Krzanich admits. "The lithography is continuing to get more difficult as you try and scale, and the number of multipattern steps you have to do is increasing."

IDC: Cloud Boosts EMEA Infrastructure Market

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IDC reports Q1 2015 EMEA IT infrastructure (server, storage and ethernet switch) revenues for public and private clouds is up by 16% Y-o-Y to reach $1.01 billion, as the cloud-related share of total EMEA infrastructure spending grows to 19%.

The analyst adds the cloud represents 33% of total EMEA storage capacity, a 45% Y-o-Y increase.

IDC cloud spending

Interestingly, the unstable macroeconomic conditions hitting traditional IT deployments appear to only "marginally" affect cloud adoption, which still shows growth if at a slower rate. Driving said growth is the increasing popularity of cloud service providers and hybrid cloud adoption at enterprise level.

EC Opens Qualcomm Investigations

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The European Commission opens a pair of formal antitrust investigations into what it describes as "possible abusive behavior" by networking giant Qualcomm in the field of baseband chipsets used in mobile devices.

QualcommThe first investigation examines whether Qualcomm offers payments, rebates or other financial incentives to customers in order to exclusively buy Qualcomm baseband chipsets, thus breaking EU antitrust laws.

The second looks into whether the company engages in "predatory pricing," the selling of chipsets below cost with the aim of hindering or forcing the competition out of the market.

E4 Opens ARKA Server Orders

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Italian high performance computing (HPC) and datacentre hardware solution vendor E4 Computing Engineering starts taking the first orders for Cavium ThunderX-based ARKA servers.

ThunderX SoCARKA servers are designed for cloud, big data and HPC workloads, and combine ThunderX 48-core ARMv8 CPUs with one or more Nvidia Tesla GPU accelerators within modular rack-optimised architecture.

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