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Gartner: Win 10 Migration is "Fastest Yet"

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Windows 10 will be the most widely installed version of Windows, Gartner reports-- according to the analyst 50% of enterprises will be running Windows 10 deployments by 2017.

Windows 10"In the consumer market, a free upgrade coupled with broad legacy device support and automatic over-the-air upgrades ensures that there will be tens of millions of users familiar with the OS before the end of 2015," Gartner says. "For enterprises, we expect that implementation will be significantly more rapid than that seen with Windows 7 six years ago."

Several factors drive migration-- awareness of the January 2020 end of Windows 7 support, strong Windows 7 application and devices compatibility, and tablet/2-in-1 device rollout demand. Gartner expects enterprises to start Windows 10 pilots on H1 2016, before broadening deployments on H2 2016.

Dell PCs Hit By Security Blunder

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Dell resellers should urge customers to check if their devices are affected by eDellRoot, a security vulnerability found in an August 2015 Dell software update.

DellFirst noticed by programmer Joe Nord, eDellRoot is a trusted root certificate pre-installed in Dell machines. Following a bit of sleuthing Nord discovered eDellRoot is has locally stored private key-- opening a vulnerability for unscruplous hackers, since the key is stored on the computer itself, rather than kept by the issuing authority.

“The same private key was found on multiple machines, meaning that anybody that has access to it can now use it to impersonate the certificate holder [i.e. the PC owner],” Malwarebytes security researcher Jérôme Segura tells Wired. “It made matters worse that the password for that key was easily crackable.”

Cisco Buys Collaboration Company Acano

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Cisco sets to expand further into videoconferencing and collaboration, as it acquires London-based software and hardware vendor Acano for $700 million.

CiscoAcano makes collaboration infrastructure and conferencing software. It offers a portfolio complete with gateways and video/audio bridging technology allowing customers to connect video systems from multiple vendors across cloud and hybrid environments. Such capabilities are relevant for Cisco's interests, as the company says 90% of conference rooms lack video connections, marking an business opportunity in the segment.

LG Installs Largest OLED Displays at Korean International Airport

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LG OLED SignageLG presents two of the largest OLED displays around at Incheon International Airport, S. Korea-- specifically a pair of massive digital signage installations developed with French designers Wilmotte & Associés.

Each sign is 13m tall, 8m wide and consists of 140 55-inch curved OLED panels. The curved displays serve as giant OLED technology demos showing content such as fireworks against a night sky, and since OLED lacks heavy backlighting the airport displays actually hang from the ceiling with "minimal" support.

Toshiba Claims Faster 3D Metal Printer

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Toshiba presents a prototype 3D metal printer promising fabrication speeds up to 10x faster than printers using powder bed fusion, the current most common metal sintering technology.

Toshiba metal printerThe printer uses laser metal deposition (LMD)-- a technology that deposits powdered metal and fires a laser beam in tandem. A high-speed nozzle based on Toshiba fluid simulation technology reduces the area where metal particles are injected, while the laser focuses very precisely on the tiny powder-covered area.

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