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Intel Launches Skylake at IFA 2015

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Intel debuts the 6th generation of Core CPUs at IFA 2015-- Skylake, a range of no less than 48 processors aimed at all kinds of devices, be it compute sticks, 2-in-1 hybrids, All-in-One (AIO) desktops or mobile workstations.

Intel Skylake RangeThe 14nm procesor range promises to "deliver enhanced performance and new immersive experiences at the lowest power levels ever," and as features TDPs spanning from 4.5 to 91W. Designed to fit motherboards featuring 100 series and CM236 chipsets, Intel claims Skylake CPUs can enhance the average laptop with "2.5x better productivity performance, 3x longer battery life, and 30x better 3D graphics performance when compared to a 5-year-old notebook PC."

An Alliance in Video Codecs

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A number of big industry names, including Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix, team up in the name of next generation video technology to form the Alliance for Open Media.

Alliance for OPen MediaFormed with the aim to "create a new, open royalty-free video codec specification," the alliance should build on previous work in the field by its members, namely Mozilla's Daala, Cisco's Thor and Google's VP9/10. The eventual codec will interoperable, web-optimised and scalable to any device or bandwidth, with support for real-time video delivery.

It will also allow user for both commercial and non-commercial content-- an important factor for members Amazon and Netflix.

An unstated aim is  probably to bypass the royalty demands of industry groups such as MPEG LA, the group licensing video formats such as H.264 and H.265, and HEVC video codec owner HEVC Advance.

The alliance hopes to bring in more members from 2016 before setting to take on the codec competition.

Go Alliance for Open Media

Gartner: Exchange Rates Affect Q2 2015 Servers

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According to Gartner global Q2 2015 server shipments are up by 8% Y-o-Y to reach 2.7 million units, while revenues total $13.6 billion with 7.2% Y-o-Y growth.

Gartner Q2 2015 Server Revenues

"Q2 2015 Y-o-Y growth slowed compared with the annual growth of Q1 2015," the analyst says. "Currency exchange rate changes have started to show their impact by reducing relative spending power in regions like W. Europe. It is likely that in anticipation of further currency rate shifts that some organisations utilised their budgets earlier in the year rather than waiting until Q3 or Q4 when their purchasing power may be further reduced by these relative currency changes."

HP Adds to 3PAR StoreServ Range

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HP announces additions to the 3PAR StoreServ storage family with the 8000 series-- including a "most affordable" all-flash array (AFA) with a scale-out, quad-node design.

HP 3PAR Storage The 8000 series includes all-flash configurations and converged-flash arrays supporting expansion via spinning media. It supports up to 5.5 petabytes of usable flash capacity within a single floor tile.

“Regardless of your size, budget, growth rate, quality of service requirements, or even your storage network environment, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage offers a best-in-class flash solution to power your public, private, or hybrid cloud with uncompromising adaptability from a single architecture,” the company claims.

IBM Integrates Blue Box in SoftLayer

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IBM announces the integration of Blue Box Cloud into OpenStack cloud options, making it available as a private-cloud-as-a-service (PCaaS) from IBM datacentres running on SoftLayer infrastructure.

BlueBoxThe Blue Box cloud uses dedicated hardware on and off premises, and is available as either managed or unmanaged private cloud base. It offers a single managed tool for all OpenStack private clouds regardless of location, as well as speedy application and data delivery through consistent access to public, private and hybrid clouds.

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