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Hybrid Cloud Management Via CloudOps

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DevOps platform provider CloudMunch announces CloudOps for Hybrid Cloud-- an enterprise-focused hybrid cloud DevOps solution running natively on several public clouds, including VMware vCloud Air.

CloudMunchAccording to the company CloudOps provides customers with infrastructure and application building, scaling and management across various IT environments. It allows admins to develop and move applications between on- and off-premise deployments without need to write a lot of extra code and helps teams orchestrate the DevOps (aka "development operations") process in a single workplace, regardless of the brand of DevOps environment in use.

It supports a number of popular DevOps tools, including Chef, Puppet and Jenkins.

PagerDuty Integrates with SocialCast

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Operations performance management provider PagerDuty announces two-way integration with Socialcast, the VMware-owned enterprise collabration tool, at VMworld 2015.

Problem Solving “During an incident, enterprises must currently navigate through a glut of information sources to resolve issues and maintain uptime,” PagerDuty says. “With this integration, we’re deepening our commitment to supporting the enterprise and enabling faster and more efficient resolutions.”

As the companies put it, linking PagerDuty and Socialcast creates an integrated workflow across the tools IT operations teams use, as data required to fix problems is seamlessly accessible from any device or platform. As a result, incident understanding and solving is more efficient.

Will Munich Ditch Linux for Windows?

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Munich is famous for running public administration on Linux-- but a pair of councillors from the conservative CSU party are demanding the city switches back to Windows and Microsoft Office.

MunichA letter to the mayor from Sabine Pfeiler and Otto Seidl describes the notebooks, tablets and smartphone running on Linux-based software (specifically "LiMux," a version of Kubuntu 12.04 developed specifically for the city) used by council as "cumbersome" and lacking in familiar software such as Office and Skype. As a result many town councillors bring their own notebooks to work, leaving a "large number" of Linux-based devices unused.

Further complaints involve a lack of user permissions.

Intel Presents Smallest 5x5 Motherboards

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Intel Developer Forum 2015 involved more than RealSense cameras and Optane storage-- the company also presented what it describes as the smallest socketed motherboard standard, dubbed "5x5".

Intel 5x5Named after their dimensions (5.5- x 5.8-inch, or 140 x 147mm), 5x5 motherboards have a 29% smaller surface area than the mini-ITX standard. The boards build on Intel's NUC mini-PC concept, and feature a land grid array (LGA) processor socket, two laptop-style SODIMM slots and storage in either 2.5-inch SATA or M.2 SSD form.

The standard puts the CPU in a fixed motherboard position, making it easier for designers to build cases with integrated cooling systems.

MIT 3D Prints With Up to 10 Materials At Once

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MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) researchers present the MultiFab-- a 3D printer able to print objects using up to 10 materials, as well incorporate other, finished objects into the design.

Multifab printer"Multi-material" 3D printers already exist, if in the shape of industrial machines able to print able to use up to 3 materials at a time. The Multifab claims to be superior to such devices through the use of 3D scanning and machine vision technologies.

As CSAIL put it, the MultiFab constantly receives feedback from a 40-micron 3D scanner and a camera array while printing, allowing it to adjust and re-calibrate materials and the printing process on the fly. The scanning also allows the incorporation of finished objects, such as circuits and sensors, in the printed object.

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