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Cisco Adds Security With OpenDNS

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Cisco adds further to its security capabilities as it acquires cloud-based threat protection security firm OpenDNS in a deal worth $635 million in cash, equity awards and "retention-based incentives."

CiscoAs the tech giants put its, OpenDNS will boost to the Cisco Security Everywhere approach through the addition of "broad visibility and threat intelligence" before, during and after attacks.

OpenDNS is just one of a slew of recent Cisco security-related acquisitions, such as malware analysis company ThreatGRID and security advisory firm Neohapsis.

PC Market Returns to Slump

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The PC market's recent return to growth was but a blip in between periods of decline, Gartner suggests, as global Q2 2015 shipments drop by 9.5% Y-o-Y to 68.4 million units, the steepest shipment decline since Q3 2013.

Statista PC Chart

As the Statista chart shows, the PC market has been seeing falling shipments since Q2 2012, with only Q4 2014 showing a brief moment of growth. No wonder Gartner projects 2015 PC shipments will drop by 4.4%, even if it also insists the market will return to "slow and steady" growth come 2016.

Better Device Cooling Through White Graphene?

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Graphene might be the wonder material the future, being ideal for both super-fast processors and batteries, and now a team at Rice University finds another application for the stuff-- the cooling of small electronics.

white grapheneThe cooling properties involve a "3D" variant of the material, dubbed "white graphene" (or hexagonal boron nitride, aka h-BN). White graphene appears to be a good heat conductor, and researchers say it can be used to move heat away from devices quickly and efficiently.

So far, the conductive properties have been tested through simulations of 3D white graphene planes connected by boron nitride nanotubes. These structures can move heat in all directions, beating the thermal limitations of regular graphene (where heat can move along the surface, but not through its multiple layers).

Wifi Alliance Launches Wifi Aware

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The Wifi Alliance presents a new certification program-- Wifi Aware, a means to validate the capability for energy-efficient, proxy-based service discovery among wifi-enabled devices.

Wifi AwareIn other words, it allows devices to discover other devices, applications and information nearby before making a wifi connection. The system continuously scans surroundings, anticipates actions and notifies users of available services and selected preferences.

The alliance adds the Wifi Aware operates indoors and in dense environments, and does not require cellular, wifi or GPS connectivity. Instead it makes use of small, power-efficient messages to create a common "heartbeat" between devices before an app initiates wifi connection to follow-up on activities such as photo sharing or multiplayer games.

How to Put Video on Your Big Network

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You know video is driving the network traffic today... and almost every corporate department wants to add video on your network.. and you don't want to mess up the CEO's new video blog. You need a way to harness the new video monster and put it to work.


That's why Extron offers its XTP II CrossPoint Series modular digital matrix switchers for high performance routing (50 Gbps Switching Backplane) of video, audio, bidirectional control, and Ethernet. In a future-ready integrated solution, it handles Fiber, twisted pair, and local AV switching and distribution-- with plenty of additional headroom as technologies continue to evolve. (And they will evolve...look how fast we moved to 4K.)

With 4K video as the new standard, this 50 Gbps digital backplane from Extron easily exceeds the data rate required to distribute 4K/60 video with 4:4:4 chroma sampling at 16 bits per color. This offers an immediate path to support emerging formats and higher resolutions; from the CEO video blog to the departments that want video and video streaming for in-house traininig, customer service and marketing promotion.

Extron XTP II CrossPoint Series

These matrix switchers can be configured with a variety of boards, including the XTP II HDMI input and output boards that support HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, the family of XTP 4K fiber optic boards and endpoints, and any of the existing XTP Systems family products.

To streamline system installation, they are loaded with Extron technologies and feature hot-swappable modular components, easy-to-use system configuration software, and advanced 24/7 system monitoring and control capabilities. XTP Systems with XTP II CrossPoint Series matrix switchers are designed to ensure continuous, trouble‑free operation in the most critical 4K video applications.

Available in three configurable frames for I/O sizes from 4x4 to 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64, XTP II CrossPoint brings you over the challenges of 4K and beyond.

Go Extron XTP II CrossPoint Series Modular Digital Matrix Switcher

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