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ALSO Buys into Poland

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The ALSO Group expands into a 13th European country as it acquires Polish distributor PC Factory for an undisclosed sum.

Poland PC Factory works with a number of tier-one vendors, including Acer, Sony, Lenovo, Microsoft, Intel and HP. It has been active since 2001 and reports 2014 revenues worth €400 million.

The acquisition covers the PC Factory customer base and manufacturer franchises, as well as renaming to "ALSO Polska." It is subject to certain conditions, including "approval by responsible cartel authorities."

IDC: EMEA PCs "Continue to Suffer"

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IDC reports more declines for the EMEA PC market, as Q2 2015 shipments drop by -21.6% Y-o-Y to reach 17.2 million units due to a combination of unfavourable Y-o-Y comparisons, high inventories and higher price points.

H1 2014 was a particularly strong period for the industry, being the time when Windows XP-related renewals boosted shipments across the region.


"Q2 2015 was, as expected, a transition period between the very popular Microsoft Bing promotion, which supported sales over the past 4 quarters, and the forthcoming launch of Windows 10 at the end of July," the analyst remarks.

All 3 EMEA regions see "strong" contractions-- W. Europe posts a -19.3% Y-o-Y decline, CEE shipments drop by -24.3% and MEA is hit worst at -25.7%. The regions are equally hit by currency fluctuations and inventories, as well as double-digit declines in both consumer (-24%) and commercial (-18.9%) segments.

At the Limit of Moore's Law With the 1 Molecule Transistor

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An international team of scientists from the US, Germany and Japan create what is possibly the smallest transistor ever-- one consisting of a single molecule and 12 atoms, reaching the very limit of Moore's law.

Tiniest transistor For the curious, the team used a highly stable scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to build the transistor out of a single molecule of phthalcocyanine and 12 positively charged indium atoms on an indium arsenide (InAs) crystal. The indium atoms act as electrical gates, allowing single atoms to hop over to change the charge state of the molecule.

Pakedge Ships BakPak 3.0

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Pakedge Device and Software announces the full release of the 3rd version of the BakPak Cloud Management System, following the limited release back at InfoComm 2015 last month.

BakPakThe cloud-based management solution provides installers with remote end-to-end control, as well as in-depth network device and control system management. It features prioritised alerts, robust permission settings, automated network repair and mapping, easy configuration management, report logging, backup and restore functionality, and TriPlex-- a trouble shooting the company says determines the cause of problems in case of network outage or configuration errors.

Pakedge claims BakPak 3.0 does not send misleading alerts, since it is intelligent enough to pinpoint the device failures causing network crashes. To do so it validates error alerts through situational-aware AI algorithms to provide accurate usable information in the shape of alerts sent via email, SMS or BakPak app.

Wifi Spark Gets Cyren Security

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UK-based wifi service provider Wifi Spark adds a security and internet content filtering enforcement boost to its 100000 access points across Europe through the integration of the Cyren WebSecurity platform.

Cyren logoWifi Spark has an extensive portfolio of wifi hotspots, with locations including the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham and hundreds of NHS hospitals.

Meanwhile the Cyren cloud-based security platform collects and analyses 17 billion pieces of threat data from around 500000 global points of presence in 200 countries, protecting 600 million global users.

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