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Former HP Chairman Wanted Out Autonomy Acquisition?

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The saga of the ill-fated HP acquisition of Autonomy appears to not be over-- a report commissioned by the company reveals how former chairman Ray Lane made a final, failed effort to stop the deal.

HP AutonomyThe report was written by HP's legal firm, Proskauer Rose LLP, in early 2014, long after HP had to take an $8.8 billion impairment charge (due to allegedly cooked books) on the software company acquired for $ Its revelation comes through documents revealed in August 2015 by a California federal court as part of the ongoing shareholder lawsuit over the deal.

But what does report say? Apparently on 4 September 2011, few days after announcement of the acquisition, Lane summoned a “special Board meeting of outside directors" to tell “new news this morning that I’m still trying to digest.” No minutes of the meeting exist, but the report states “outside directors agreed that Lane would approach Apotheker to ask that he reconsider whether [the] acquisition should be pursued.”

Avnet Buys Orchestra Service

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Avnet sets to bolster its position in EMEA as it acquires Orchestra Service GmbH, the German EMC-based storage solution and services distributor, for an undisclosed sum.

Avnet The focus of Orchestra is on backup and recovery, but the distributor also has investments in cloud computing, big data and information management. It records 2014 revenues worth $95 million, and will be integrated into the Avnet EMEA business.

BlackBerrry Presents Priv Android Phone

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Customers missing the hardware keyboard from BlackBerry smartphones but want to keep Android as an OS are in luck-- the company presents the Priv, the first Android-powered BlackBerry handset.

BlackBerry PrivRevealed as part of the BlackBerry fiscal Q2 results report, CEO John Chen says the Priv "combines the best of BlackBerry security and productivity with the expansive mobile application ecosystem available on the Android platform."

Further details on the "flagship slider device" will only be available in the coming weeks, but rumours suggest it features a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-style curved display, 18MP camera and, of course, a QWERTY keyboard.

The Next Storage Technology: Light-Based Memory?

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Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the universities of Münster, Oxford, and Exeter develop the the first all-optical permanent on-chip memory-- a light-based storage technology and an "important step" in the creation of photon-based computers.

Light memory chipAccording to the researchers electronic data exchange between processors and memory limits the speed of modern computers. This is due to the electrons running through the metal wires making the logic circuits inside computer chips bumping into each other, slowing down and generating heat. Optical technology does not have such problems, as photons (the particle making light) travel well together at, well, light speed.

However such technology has serious drawbacks. Photon-based memory circuits need a steady supply of power in order to store data, and all data is lost if the power is switched off.

Gartner: 2016 3D Printer Shipments to Reach 460000

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Gartner predicts rapid near future growth for the 3D printer market with 2016 shipments reaching 496475 units, a 105% increase over the 244533 units forecast to ship in 2015.

3D PrinterlSuch growth will continue over the next few years, as the analyst says shipments will "more than double" every year between 2016 and 2019 before global shipments grow to over 5.6 million.

"Rapid quality and performance innovations across all 3D printer technologies are driving both enterprise and consumer demand, with unit shipment growth rates for 3D printers increasing significantly," Gartner says. "The 3D printer market is continuing its transformation from a niche market to broad-based, global market of enterprises and consumers."

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