VESA Focuses on VR, AR


The Video Electronics Standards Group (VESA) forms a special interest group (SIG) to address the standards covering the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) markets.

virtual realityAs the creator of multiple display standards, such as DisplayPort, Embedded DisplayPort (eDP), EDID and DisplayID, VESA should be well positioned to investigate AR/VR compatability issues. Currently the industry lacks a standard covering head-mounted displays and eyeglasses, leading to increasing confusion and complexity for both developers and customers, impeding broader acceptance of such products.

The VESA AR/VR SIG is open to both VESA members and non-members, and will discuss the needs of all ecosystem players, namely headset makers, glass makers, and other types of providers. The SIG will work with other VESA task groups and other standards organisations to build a "robust ecosystem," starting from physical connections, data transfer protocols, software drivers and application layers.

“It’s exciting to see the growth in the AR/VR market, evident in such venues as the Consumer Electronics Show, which this year featured more than 260 AR/VR exhibitors with more show floor space than ever before,” VESA says. “However, a key question remains-- when and how will these products be able to play well with each other? To our knowledge, no other standards organisation is currently addressing the key challenges associated with AR/VR product function and interoperability, and we look forward to leveraging our industry leadership to encourage dialogue among industry providers and ultimately help drive further adoption of this exciting technology.”

Go VESA Forms SIG Focused on Emergent VR and AR Markets