Bloomberg: Apple Delays Larger iPad


Customers hopeful for the rumored "Pro" iPad will have to wait further for the device Bloomberg reports, as display panel supply issues delay the production of the larger "Pro" tablet to September 2015.  

Pro iPadApple was hoping to start production on Q2 2015, at least according to Bloomberg. 

For those not in the know, the larger iPad is said to have a 12.9-inch display. It is aimed primarily at the enterprise market, where tablets still find use as laptop replacements, as opposed to a consumer market cannibalised by larger smartphones. 

Speaking of the enterprise market, the Wall Street Journal has another news tidbit relating to the larger iPad-- the device might feature a USB 3.0 port(s) for faster data transfers and the connection of peripherals such as keyboards and mice. 

“Apple has continued to rework some of the features of the larger iPad. It is now considering the faster technology for data synchronization between the larger iPad and other computing devices,” the WSJ says. “Apple is also working on technology to speed up the iPad charging time, but it remains uncertain if the final design will have these new features.”

Apple, predictably, has no comment on either Bloomberg or WSJ stories. 

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