A Universal Language for the IoT


The ZigBee Alliance takes to CES to unveil Dotdot-- a "universal language" for the devices making the Internet of Things (IoT), first seen at the show running over a Thread IP-based network.

ZigBee DotdotAs announcement release puts it, the majority of IoT devices do not "speak" the same language, even if they use the same wireless technology. This leads to arguably needless complexity for developers, while limiting customers to single-vendor systems. Enter Dotdot, an application layer at the heart of ZigBee technology developers can apply across other IoT networks.

“Dotdot represents the next chapter in the ZigBee Alliance’s continued commitment to create and evolve open standards for the smart networks in our homes, businesses and neighborhoods,” the alliance adds. “The application layer that is the core language of ZigBee devices has driven significant growth in the IoT. Recognising the opportunity to multiply that growth for members and the industry, market leaders within the alliance have come together to transform it into a universal language for the IoT, making it available to everyone, everywhere, across their network of choice.”

The ZigBee Alliance should reveal further Dotdot details, including specifications, certification and a logo program, further into 2017.

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