NEC Solutions Showcase a 2-Day Success


NEC describes the decision to turn the 2014 Solutions Showcase into a 2 event a success, with "little over" 1500 unique attendees (a 35% increase over 2013) made it to the Velodrome at the London Olympic Park.

NEC Showcase"The decision to extend to two days was certainly the right one when we consider the increase in attendees, it was always busy but not overcrowded," NEC says. "Other events running in parallel for the inaugural London Digital Signage Week were also well attended and we are delighted that Showcase has become the foundation to instill new developments, innovations and partnerships-- driving the industry to yet greater achievement.”

The choice of the Velodrome as location was interesting, to say the least-- one could even get on a bake for a Track Bike Experience, although this writer failed to find himself a pair of cycling shorts and adequate footwear…

NEC curved videowallThe show itself involved 60 partners showing off 80 integrated solutions divided within 9 vertical zones-- retail, transport, corporate communications, emergency services, leisure and entertainment, media, education, DooH and innovations. Highlights included a massive 180-degree curved 36 screen videowall  created by PSCo, pedal-powered videoconferencing from Polycom, a 4k fashion shoot workflow demo and the Scala/Mentor connected coffee corner, among others.

Also seen were a number of product launches-- such as the DisplayLite 55-inch Zero Bezel projective touchtable, the Beatpixels UpState proof-of-operation display monitoring service and NEC OPS media player Android clients from DMS and Netpractise.

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