Gigabye Intros Intel Xeon Scalable Rack Servers


Gigabyte follows the launch of the Intel Xeon Scalable with a range of rack servers based around the platform, as well as a pair of Intel Xeon Scalable server motherboards.

Gigabyte Xeon serverDesigned for enterprise and cloud applications, the servers also offer extensibility for advanced future HPC applications. The range features 8 servers in total, all taking advantage of the increased memory capacity, increased memory bandwidth and innovative storage (Optane) and networking (Omnipath interconnect fabric) the platform provides.

The company adds the servers are optimised for high TDPs, and are "thermally designed with the highest rated bins in mind so that performance is impressive whichever Xeon Scalable CPU you choose." In addition, the servers feature high density add-on slots, modularised backplans, RoHS July 2017 adherence and a tool-less design. Four of the servers come in a new 1U form factor, while the other four are in a new 2U-form factor.

Also launched are two motherboards supporting Intel Xeon Scalable-- the MD6-SC2 and the MD71-HB0, with up to 28 cores and 48 PCIe lanes per socket.

Go Gigabyte Intel Xeon Scalable Servers

Go Gigabyte Intel Xeon Scalable Motherboards