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Industry News

PC Market Recovers in Q2

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PC Market Recovers in Q2

IHS iSuppli says the WW PC market shows signs of recovery in Q2 2011-- with global shipments growing by 3.7% Y-o-Y to 85.6M units.

In comparison Q1 2011 shipments total 80.8M.

The analyst attributes the growth to IT departments refreshing their hardware-- allowing the top PC vendors (HP and Dell) to maintain their leadership.

HP shipments for Q2 2011 total 15.4M (with 2.8% Y-o-Y growth) while Dell shipments total 10.5M, growing by 3.9% Y-o-Y.

Lenovo delivers the strongest performance for the period, growing by 23% Y-o-Y with shipments reaching Read more...

Data Centers Heading North

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Data Centers Heading North

The Wall Street Journal reports Google opening a €200M server hall in Hamina, Finland, inside what was once a paper mill. 

Why Finland? The combination of cold climate and low electricity prices. 

Being close to the Baltic coast, the Hamina data centre also has a seawater cooling system, while cold weather cools down servers instead of refrigerators. 

Finland is not the only choice for international data centers, either-- an undisclosed "major US internet company" (rumoured to be Facebook) is planning a data center worth 3-5BN Swedish kronor in Luleå Read more...

Gartner Lowers PC Expectations

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Gartner Lowers PC Expectations

Global 2011 PC unit growth will total 364M units and 3.8% Y-o-Y growth according to the latest Gartner forecast-- a reduction from the previous Gartner 2011 projection of 400M units and 9.3% Y-o-Y growth.

Next year should improve a bit-- the 2012 WW PC market should reach 404M units, with 10.9% Y-o-Y growth (still down from the previous projection of 12.8% growth).

The "notably lower" 2011 PC growth outlook is due to sharply downgraded H2 2011 forecasts for W. Europe, resulting in a weaker 2011 and a slower start to 2012.

W. Europe currently

Europe "Turning More Uneven" for VARs

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Longbow Research says 40% of W. European resellers report under-budget projections for Q3 2011, as fear and hesitation continue due to a combination of negative Eurozone headlines, UK government austerity and uncertain fiscal policy elsewhere. 

This results in uneven demand throughout the region-- with the exception of Germany as a "relative star."

Most European VARs see a seasonal dip in July and the beginning of August (due to the summer holidays), but sales are starting to normalise-- even if VARs project single digit declines for Q3 2011 sales.  Read more...

Gartner: EMEA Servers Show Solid Growth

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Gartner: EMEA Servers Show Solid Growth

EMEA shows yearly server growth (in both shipments and revenue), Gartner reports-- even if the market remains below pre-downturn levels, reflecting ongoing economic concerns within EMEA regions. 

Q2 2011 shipments in EMEA total 611000 units-- with 5% Y-o-Y growth and vendor revenues totalling $3.69Bn (15.2% Y-o-Y growth). 

Gartner says "Revenue growth outpacing shipment growth shows the strength in some high-end platforms."

All key segments see revenue growth in Q2 2011-- X86 systems grow by 16.2%, while the "other" CPU category grows by 36.2% (with Read more...

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