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Bob's Byte

HP's Board of Directors Hasn't a Clue

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HP's Board of Directors Hasn't a Clue

Those familiar with the game Cluedo (Clue in No. America) know it as a popular murder/mystery-themed deduction board game...

The object of the basic game is for players to strategically move around the game board (representing a rich mansion), in the guise of one of the game's six characters (Colonel Mustard, for example) collecting clues to deduce which suspect murdered the game's victim-- and with which weapon (dagger, lead pipe, rope and a few other choices) and in what room.

In the case of the murder of the Hewlett-Packard business, we already know several clues. We know which room harbors the killers: the Board Room.

And the weapon: lack of leadership.

And the murderers?


Microsoft: "$6 Wasted For Each $1 of Our Software"

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Apparently Microsoft does want to change the conversation.

In an interview with All Things D about Office 360, Microsoft EPG VP Ron Markezich wanted to explain his point: "...Microsoft's online services may appear to cost more than an on-premises software license. But over time, customers will save money they would otherwise have spent on installing and maintaining that software on premises."

Another comment... "If you look at the total industry spend, most of it is on activities where there’s no value added. Every dollar you spend on software from Microsoft, you spend $6 trying to get it to do anything."

So much truth lives between those two lines if you know how to lip-read. And those statements explain what could really go wrong with the cloud revolution from the Solution Provider point-of-view.

First, it explains how vendors will try to leverage higher prices from cloud to maintain as much of their margin from box-based business as possible. OK, we expected that... Read more...

The Munich Hall Theory of CeBIT Goes Down

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The Munich Hall Theory of CeBIT Goes Down

These are hallowed halls, these walls of the Munich Beer Hall. CeBIT's most famous place of distraction, the "Hangover Hall" behind Hall 3.

It's one experience that most CeBIT newbies carry home...along with the hangover and an appreciation of Bavarian culture (acquired, of course, via northern Hannover).

During the heyday of CeBIT, the robust woman who owns the Munich hall, her hands sporting diamonds on every finger, once explained to me she made 2 million euros per night during the show.

But it's 2011...a new and different CeBIT. It's Friday Read more...

Now That We've Moved Everything to IP, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Now That We've Moved Everything to IP, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Meet IPv6 and the Broken Web.

Like most stories, the story of how IP will break down in 2012 is more complicated than the simple explanation put forward.

When we deplete available IPv4 addresses this year, to continue growth, the internet must switch to the new standard, IPv6. This seems to rival climate change in the public's ability to absorb and react to this fact. 

But IPv4 depletion denial is only the simple affliction. Now the industry recognizes a second syndrome that will strike down several million internet users (even if they aren't in denial)...and Read more...

Change the Conversation, Please

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Change the Conversation, Please

Tiffany Bova, VP of IT Sales & Channel Strategies at Gartner, made a presentation at COMDEXvirtual. Apparently the information was so valuable that Gartner didn’t want to leave it up on the site like other speakers.  

Here we’ve interpreted the essence of her speech, but if you get a chance to hear Tiffany’s own version, take it.

While “Change the Conversations” is a phrase used by Gartner in one sense, this theme actually applies well to three cases within Gartner’s scenarios for the future of solution providers...

1. Change the Conversation (with Vendors)

You have to “change the conversation” with vendors.


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