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Bob's Byte

HP, Divided In Two

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HP, Divided In Two

By the time you read this, the Wall Street Jourmal report may give way to Hewlett-Packard's own announcement:  HP will break off its pc and printer businesses from  corporate hardware and services operation. 

This is not a new idea and was most recently explored during merger talks with storage giant EMC Corp. The merger talks died, but the concept of an HP bifurcation lived on.

In 2011, HP decided to dump the pc business under then-Chief Executive Léo Apotheker.  

He lost his job because of that decision (mainly). HP's new Read more...

Found! The Worst Vulnerability in the History of the Internet

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Found! The Worst Vulnerability in the History of the Internet

500,000+ Affected... Maybe Yours... Maybe Your Customers… What SPs Need to Know, Need to Do

Heartbleed, the newly discovered Internet flaw breaking the heart of the web industry and giving heart attacks to consumers, affects a half a million or more web sites. That's right, at least 500,000+ affected in this colossal open-source failure.

Why do we say "affected" and not "infected?"

Engineers working for the Finland-based security firm Codenomicon were exploring new features for their new security test software when they discovered the bug-heard-'round-the-world that affects websites that use OpenSSL, a security software that supposedly protected users' data and passwords. Read more...

The World's Largest Data Centre

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The World's Largest Data Centre

Excluding any yet-to-be-disclosed top secret facilities hidden by the world's major world military powers, the world's largest data center may also be the world's most unique: meet the Lefdal Mine Datacenter, pride of Norway.

In it's official graphic (see photo with the American Statue of Liberty to compare sizes), this data center looks like what you could imagine to be the DNA of The Hulk.

It's shown with six levels of intertwined roads and infrastructure. Inside there is 120,000 square meters of white space. And it can be expanded to 14 levels if needed.

In real life (see photo below), this data center looks like a snow-capped mountain top, probably because it is one... the data center is a re-purposed mine located in the north of a northern-most country (25 km from Måløy, Norway).  

Lefdal Mine is an old underground olivine mine. Olivine is a mineral series where two or more elements can substitute for one another without changing the crystal structure. The Olivine Series has two end members: Favalite, the iron-rich version and Forsterite, the magnesium-rich version.

Olivine was one of the ancient Egyptians’ favorite jewels, especially the green gemstone peridot. 

Now Lefdal, once known for its "green gems," becomes a "green" gem of a data center, able to offer natural advantages that can reduce the cost of a European data center, supposedly by 60%. Read more...

What Will Microsoft Look Like 2 Years from Now?

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What Will Microsoft Look Like 2 Years from Now?

Remember the famous high tech book, Crossing the Chasm?

Perhaps there should be a new book for high tech companies to follow: Sitting on a Precipice.

That might be appropriate because our "old" industry leaders in the PC business now sit on a precipice. For some, things look pretty grim. For others, it will soon look even grimmer-- if they don't act now.

A prime example of inaction can be drawn from the mobile industry where RIM has taken Blackberry into a free fall that will only end in a splat.

For Microsoft, it's a different story. There are actions that will be taken.

Here's one example of how Microsoft might look in a year or two.

First, meet the new CEO.  Yes, Stephen Elop...the loyal Microsoftie who insisted on Windows at Nokia until they had no other choice but look for an acquirer. Consider the CEO job as Elop's reward for bringing Nokia into the fold (because that's the way the Microsoft Board is looking at it).


HP Wants to Hug You

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HP Wants to Hug You

HP is in its 2nd year of its business restructuring and does not expect to fully recover (ie., expand) until 2014. In EMEA, HP last reported an 11% decline in business. 

In 2013 Q1, software revenue accounted for 926 million in revenue, down 2% from last year with a 17.0% operating margin. Support revenue was up 11% while license revenue fell 16% and services revenue dropped 8% year over year.

Enterprise Group revenue declined 4% year over year with a 15.5% operating margin. Networking revenue was up 4%, Industry Standard Servers revenue was Read more...

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