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Software and Saas

Remote Desktop Software Gets Update

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ISL LightISL Online releases version 3.3 of its ISL Light remote desktop support software, introducing a turbo sharing feature. 

The new version offers x2 main settings for desktop sharing-- "high speed"  and "best quality" (allows users to share HD content, including multimedia software, videos and CAD). 

It also makes session starting easier, by sending a session code as a link to the client via email.

The update is free for all existing SaaS and Server License users, while a free trial is available on ISL's website. 

Go ISL Light

Citrix Acquires Netviewer to Accelerate European GrowthNetviewer

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Citrix Acquires Netviewer to Accelerate European GrowthNetviewer

A leader in virtual computing, IT giant Citrix will buy Netviewer AG and asborb it to accelerate the growth of Citrix Online in Europe.

Netviewer is one of Europe's leading producer and provider of web conferencing solutions. Founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2001, the company currently employs more than 220 people.

Software-as-a-Service specialist, Netviewer has more than 18,000 customers throughout Europe and business in 68 countries.

Why is Citrix buying? The growing demand for collaboration and IT services will drive the need for more virtual Read more...

Intel Buys McAfee

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Intel Buys McAfee

What's a hardware company going to do in a cloud world? Catching most industry observers unaware, Intel will purchase of all of McAfee’s common stock for $48 per share in cash, a $7.68 billion deal.

McAfee, which has enjoyed double-digit, year-over-year growth and nearly 80% gross margins last year, will be run as a wholly-owned subsidiary, reporting into Intel’s Software and Services Group.

This acquisition, says Intel, "enables a combination of security software and hardware from one company to ultimately better protect consumers, corporations Read more...

SaaS: Why the Channel Does (and Doesn't) Buy It

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Feel free to download a copy of Bob Snyder's presentation in Brussels on SaaS and the Channel.

SaaS and Channel

OK, it starts off with three ways Belgium is like the channel (as the conference was in Brussels) but immediately after gets into how the channel feels about SaaS.

There's definitely a love-and-hate relationship between Channel and SaaS.

Go SaaS: Why the Channel Does (and Doesn't) Buy It

Bank Develops & Deploys New System in 1 Year for USD$55m

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Bank Develops & Deploys New System in 1 Year for USD$55m

Experts call it Radically Simple IT. Most enterprise systems are constructed using a "cathedral approach" resembling great edifices from the Middle Ages. Companies often find it too expensive and too difficult to modify their systems to exploit new business opportunities.

David Upton and Bradley Staats have identified how to reduce a company’s costs and support the growth of business. They call it a "path based" approach (rather than defining all of the specs before launch, companies instead provide a path for development over time.)


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