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Mobile Enterprise

Apple To Let Users Seed Apps

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Apple To Let Users Seed Apps

Apple users will be able to share apps with each other, according to a recent patent filed by the company.

The patent describes a sytem allowing companies to make their apps shareable-- users could then send what the patent describes as an "application seed" to others. 

The "seed" means a demo or trial version-- or just an App store link. 

It also appears companies could let demo receivers share the same demo with others to generate more and more sharers (and potential purchasers). 

Companies might even be able to reward the more influential sharers Read more...

The Apple of Enterprise's Eye

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The Apple of Enterprise's Eye

It appears some American businesses will start handing out iDevices to their employees instead of the traditional Bleckberry, Bloomberg reports. 

In a move quite threatening to RIM, JPMorgan gives its investment bankers iPads as mobile tool of choice. The bankers will use of the tablets for the more obvious needs (email, contacts, calendar) together with document mark-up and annotation, presentation use and even apps. 

Meanwhile Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse unveil their own iPad apps and Citigroup and Bank of America consider having their employees Read more...

Blackberry Interfaces with Swedish Design

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TAT interfaceRIM acquires the Swedish design firm The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). 

TAT specialises in user interface design-- and will be working on RIM's Playbook and smartphones. 

Does this mean an update for the Blackberry's admittedly clunky interface? One assumes so. 

TAT has a number of impressive concept videos showing, amongst others, eye-tracking technology, a slick interface for app switching and touchscreens embedded in translucent displays and mirrors. 

Go RIM acquires TAT


WebEx Meetings on BlackBerry

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WebEx Meetings on BlackBerry

You're late and never going to make that conference. You stop, pull out your Blackberry, go to your WebEx meeting invitation in your email and click on the "To join this meeting link."

That launches the WebEx Meeting Center app on your BlackBerry smartphone. You enter the meeting number, find your meeting, and learn one more time why they call it Crackberry,The Addictive One.

You'll need a Blackberry (QWERTY or touch-screen), OS 4.6 or higher with access to capable 3G or wi-fi (make sure your mobile operator's network supports simultaneous Read more...

130 Million Enterprise Users in the Mobile Cloud

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130 Million Enterprise Users in the Mobile Cloud

Juniper Research says the number of enterprise customers using mobile cloud-based applications will rise to more than 130 million by 2014.

Connected enterprise apps benefit from the success of iPhone and App Store as there was a marked increase in both the number of enterprise apps available to end-users. Apps themselves became far more attractive given enhancements to smartphone user interfaces in the wake of the iPhone launch.

While enterprise applications will comprise the majority of cloud-based application revenues over the next Read more...

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