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Video on the Network

FMZ-SS Series Scalable Management Software for NSR Recorders

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FMZ-SS Series Scalable Management Software for NSR Recorders

Sony’s new Scalable Management Software (SMS) views and controls Sony NSR and RSM recording products for security camera monitoring.

It can be used to connect up to 1000 Sony NSR-500 and/or NSR-1000 series recorders across multiple monitoring sites and allows for scalable monitoring systems – adding cameras on-the-fly. In addition, multiple site surveillance with a single system can be centralized. It’s a web-based client and includes map integration with virtual tracking feature that allows the user to associate multiple cameras in close proximity. Read more...

VDO360 Pro USB PTZ HD Camera under $1400

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VDO360 Pro USB PTZ HD Camera under $1400

VDO360 has developed and brought to market “the first professional grade USB PTZ HD camera under $1,400:” the PTZHD-01, a 720P pan, tilt, and 12x zoom.

This maker hopes its device will enable the SME to have the same access to visual communications as the Fortune 500, at a fraction of the cost. Telemedicine is also a market that could benefit from this development, as the camera is capable of being controlled through RS232 VISCA commands, enabling visual examination from a distance.

While the idea of a USB HD PTZ camera isn’t exclusive to VDO360, the price point is. While the rest of the VTC industry has been pushing their way to the next great codec, the next great telepresence product, VDO360 says it has decided to focus on the actual users. Read more...

Channel Vision’s High-Res Varifocal Dome Camera

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6821-O Varifocal Eyeball Dome

Channel Vision has intro'd a new Varifocal Dome Camera in the 6821-O Varifocal Eyeball Dome, which uses the Sony 700VTL CCD.

It offers the following features:

  • IP66 Rated
  • vandal-proof
  • oil rubbed bronze finish
  • waterproof outdoor design
  • LED illumination for applications where there is no ambient light or shelter for the camera
  • The 3-Axis mount allows for external focus and zoom control screws for fine-tuning during installation.

Go 6821-O Varifocal Eyeball Dome

Haivision Demos Calypso Media Capture & Management

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Haivision Demos Calypso Media Capture & Management

Haivision brings out Calypso, a media capture and management platform for viewing, recording and sharing live video content.

Designed for simulation, skills assessment and training applications, Calypso enables users to quickly turn live activities and events into media assets by capturing and sharing live and on-demand content in real-time.

With Calypso, subject matter experts can monitor multiple sessions, choose to record any or all of the contributing streams, assign metadata to sessions or events in real-time, and elect to share or remove viewing privileges at any time. Calypso’s scalable platform provides H.264 recording performance, with up to 50 HD streams simultaneously recorded on a single server appliance. Read more...

Polycom Releases Enterprise Video Report

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Polycom Releases Enterprise Video Report

Polycom releases a free whitepaper in collaboration with Aragon Research on the subject of enterprise video-- The Perfect Storm in Enterprise Video: Act Now or Get Left Behind. 

The paper discusses the major video on the network shifts currently taking place in enterprise, with insight on key trends and how enterprises need to keep up in order to avoid losing competitive advantage. 

It also talks on VEBAs (video-enabled business applications) enterprises must embrace today unless they want to risk getting left behind. 

The paper is complete with video

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