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Vendor News

From Thin Client to Zero Client

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From Thin Client to Zero Client

What's Thinner than Thin?

Pano Logic says there is life after thin... and it's called Zero Client.

Designed by Whipsaw, the stylish Pano Cube holds three USB jacks, VGA and audio/mic jacks.You won't find a CPU or memory or storage inside, nor an operating system, drivers, software or moving parts– but it does lean on VMWare's required presence.

With no firmware upgrades, no configuration, no royalty fees, Pano Logic insists, "Our device is the only zero-client out there." They prefer to be thought of as a PCI interface on the PC, Read more...

HP Buys 3COM

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HP Buys 3COM

HP will purchase 3Com for approximately $2.7 billion.

“Companies are looking for ways to break free from the business limitations imposed by a networking paradigm that has been dominated by a single vendor,” says Dave Donatelli, executive vp/gm, Enterprise Servers and Networking, HP.

Uh, that's HP-speak for "Companies are buying too much Cisco." So no need to guess who the "HP+3COM" punch is aimed at in their new advertising?

The acquisition of 3Com expands HP’s Ethernet switching offerings, add routing solutions and significantly strengthen the company’s position in China. In addition, the combination will add a large and talented research and development team in China could drive the acceleration of innovations in HP’s networking solutions.


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