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Vendor News

HP Under Oracle Attack?

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HP Under Oracle Attack?

Oracle CE Larry Ellison says his company will use its latest hardware to attack HP, its onetime partner. 

The hardware he refers is a "supercluster" of Sparc-based servers. It sets the record for online transaction processing, with over 30 million transactions per minute (compared to records of 10 million for IBM hardware and 4 million for HP's). 

Oracle bought out Sparc developers Sun back in January for $7.4b. 

Ellison continues saying HP machines "are vulnerable" and thinks they're slow. Oracle wants to win HP's market share with "better software, Read more...

Ingram Micro Distribution for Scale

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Scale Computing is expected to sign an EMEA distribution agreement with Ingram Micro, following its distribution deal for the US. 

Scale LogoThe company signed up Avnet in January, with whom it has 52 nAvnet IBM authorised partners together with 2 boutique distributors (Promark and Interwork Technologies). 

Scale provides SMB-focused unified clustered storage solutions and handles SAN and NAS out of the same pool. Its clients tend to not have a SAN administrator and start from 5-10 TB and add 1-2 TB at a time when growing. 

Go Scale Computing

Attachmate Buys Novell, Microsoft Helps

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Attachmate Buys Novell, Microsoft Helps

Attachmate is a winner as it walks away as the new owner of Novell, after a $2.2 billion buy-out. Attachmate, a smaller software company than Novell, is owned by Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital and Thomas Bravo.

It was Microsoft who opened the door for the $2.2b sale by organising a consortium to add $450m cash into Novell's coffers in return for surgically removing some of its IP rights portfolio. This was not generosity on the part of Microsoft (did you think?) but an action to keep trolls out of specific software patents that Microsoft va Read more...

Black Box's 4-port ServSwitch Freedom

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The ServSwitch Freedom is a 4-port KVM switch for simplifying USB keyboard/mouse access to multiple computers. 

Blackbox Servswitch FreedomThe user switches ports by moving the mouse from monitor to monitor, hotkeys or front panel. 

The devices uses True Emulation technology to ensure all characteristics of the connected peripherals are passed to each system. 

No software installation is required on the connected computers. 

 Go to Black Box ServSwitch Freedom

Cisco Embraces Channel

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Cisco Embraces Channel

Partners are "a fundamental element in Cisco's DNA, says Edison Peres, Cisco's Senior VP WW Partner Organization. Cisco is actively recruiting partners to help the company fill geographical gaps, application and solution gaps and new market adjacency gaps.

(Market adjacency is CEO John Chambers strategy to focus on catching "market transitions" as they collide with Cisco's core business. At this moment, Cisco has identified and is funding 37 concurrent "adjacent" projects.)

In a recent webcast on Cisco's global channel sales strategy, Peres pointed out 80% of all of Cisco's business is done through partners.

"... there are 18,000 in Cisco sales and marketing but we have 288,000 channel employees and we want to empower them and not be in conflict with them," Peres stressed.

He mentioned partners can increase their value to their customers through various Cisco certifications in unified communications, security, WLAN, and more. (This is controversial in the sense that certifications can be mandatory and cost the channel real money while bringing substantial revenues into Cisco. Cisco would of course claim this is money well spent in order to make money.)


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