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Bosch Upgrades DiBos Hybrid Video Recorder

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Bosch Upgrades DiBos Hybrid Video Recorder

Bosch Security Systems releases new software for its DiBos Hybrid Video Recorder.

Among other features, Release 8.7 offers optimized widescreen 16:9 support comprising seven new views in a special widescreen layout.

In combination with popular widescreen displays such as the Bosch 42RTH 42-inch high-performance LCD monitor, the enhanced display capability now available on the DiBos Hybrid Recorder can offer superior video surveillance complying with the current standard for LCD monitors. DiBos Release 8.7 also offers Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) support for Bosch megapixel IP cameras, which delivers a higher and more stable frame rate performance than Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).


CoSoSys Endpoint Solution for Windows 7, Snow Leopard

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CoSoSys announces a new version of Endpoint Protector 2009, claiming its the first device control solution fully compatible with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard.

With an easy to use interface for both system administrators and PC users, it allows IT departments to take control of the devices’ internal use, track all data transferred in or out of the protected network and enforce encryption of data in transit on portable devices.

Go CoSoSys Endpoint Protector 2009

End Point Security Market $16bn by 2014

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End Point Security Market $16bn by 2014

By 2014, network-based security provision to the business "endpoint" will account for close to 20% of a $15.7bn market, says Juniper Research.

Protection for business laptops, desktops and mobile devices with anti-virus, encryption and firewalls will reach $16.4bn. Despite any move towards "endpoint solutions" (where IT staff manage the security remotely through the network), the need for encryption products will drive demand.

As devices become more mobile-- and more likely to carry sensitive company information, encryption should increase Read more...

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