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Network Management and Diagnostics

TLS Web-based Universal Control System

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TLS Web-based Universal Control System

GlobalControl IP is a web based control system for global administration, monitoring and control of an unlimited number of conference rooms and buildings from any place of the world or locally.

GlobalControl IP can be controlled, monitored and configurated easily via any Web Browser. For this purpose there is no configuration software at all required.

As an open system GlobalControl IP supports all commercially available switch ranges, touchpanels as well as all controllable devices of conference, building and industrial technology via LAN - regardless Read more...

KEMP Balance Outage Recovery Load

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KEMP Balance Outage Recovery Load

KEMP Technologies launches 2 new business continuity and data recovery appliances. The LoadMaster DR and Virtual LoadMaster (a virtual appliance), quickly detect datacenter disruptions and divert traffic to the best available site in case of outage. 

Both Loadmaster DR and VLM DR divert traffic to the recovery site when the primary site is down. LoadMaster DR load balances traffic across 2 or more sites ensuring best datacenter availablility.

The LoadMaster DR also offers "Round Robin" and "Least Connections" load balancing for all active Read more...

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