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Storage and Storage Software

Toshiba's Enterprise Steps to SSD

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Toshiba's Enterprise Steps to SSD

Toshiba extends its enterprise storage range with its NAND Flash MKx001GRZB series. 

The SSD series has a small form factor (2.5") and uses 32nm enterprise-grade single-level cell (eSLC) technology with a 6Gb/sec SAS interface. 

The range will be available in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB capacities.

Toshiba says the drives outperform the competing enterprise-class SSDs with random sustained 90000 read and 17000 write IOPS and sequential sustained 510MB/sec read and 230MB/sec write throughput. 

Power requirements are 6.5 Watts at operation (efficiency rating Read more...

3D Memory Stacking From Samsung

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3D Memory Stacking From Samsung

Samsung stacks memory chips on top of each other in its new 8GB DIMM and increases memory density by 50% (compared to conventional DIMM technology)

The new registered or buffered (RDIMM) product is based on Samsung's own Green DDR3 DRAM and 40nm circuitry.

The industry refers to the process as through silicon via (TSV). It creates vertical micron-sized holes through the chip silicon (instead of just horizontal) to create a denser architecture.

Samsung says the technology saves up to 40% of power consumption, and will apply it to memory with Read more...

Micron Goes After NAND Memory Errors

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Micron Goes After NAND Memory Errors

Micron integrates error management techniques with its NAND products with ClearNAND.

As semiconductor circuity shrinks, data error rates increase, calling for more sophisticated error correction code (ECC). 

ClearNAND eliminates the ECC burden from the host processor through an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and an 8 byte capacity NAND die acting a data collection cache. 

The ClearNAND itself appears as a standard NAND interface to the host processor. 

Micron uses its 25nm MLC process in its manufacture.

Products are available in 2 versions--

Accelerate Enterprise Applications with Violin

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Accelerate Enterprise Applications with Violin

Violin accelerates demanding enterprise applications with vCache, its first multi-terabyte capacity NFS cache. 

VCache uses Gear6's NFS caching software with Violin's scalable flash memory array technology. Violin says it centralises massive massive memory pools from existing NAS, serving data 10-50x faster than mechanical disks. 

The vCache combines DRAM and flash memory to boost throughput up to 5GB/sec (30000 I/Os per second on file systems). 

The device sits in front of any NFS origin server. 

Violin claims its system caches an entire active database Read more...

Hitachi Aims SSD at Enterprise Market

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Hitachi Aims SSD at Enterprise Market

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies unveils its Ultrastar SSD400S line, its first SSD family-- in 100GB, 200GB and 400 GB models.

Aimed at enterprise-class data centers, the drives feature 2.5" 6Gbit/sec SAS and 3.5" 4Gbit/sec FC interfaces with full duplex.

The line is co-designed with Intel and combines Hitachi's enterprise-class HDD technology with Intel's 34nm single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash technology.

Ultrastar drives reach 535MB/sec sequential read and 500MB/sec write rate, and reach up to 46000 I/Os per second with the SAS interface. 

Using

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