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Cloud Computing

Capgemini to Offer Cloud Help with New Unit

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Capgemini to Offer Cloud Help with New Unit

Capgemini creates a new business unit to focus on cloud while not "polluting" its traditional systems integration business.

Capgemini says it is seeing "real demand" from its customers around the world for cloud computing and services now that the company has experience in the area.

The company is increasingly assembling lots of different software-as-a-service applications (for example, for a very large blue-chip firm in UK they just assembled 16 different SaaS solutions to provide the overall shop window.)

David Boulter is the VP

CA Buys its 3rd Cloud Company

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CA Buys its 3rd Cloud Company

CA Will Acquire 3Tera

It's CA's third acquisition in cloud computing (Cassatt last summer and Oblicore earlier this year).

3Tera will help CA get into cloud enablement, opening a door to service prociders AND another to cloud and management customers in the enterprise. 3Tera has 20 or so service provider clients.

Service providers use 3Tera's AppLogic suite to bring apps into private and public cloud environments via an elegant interface. The process used to be done very manually, but AppLogic automates it and smooths that transition. Read more...

Spectacular Cloud over 2012 Olympics

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Spectacular Cloud over 2012 Olympics

Mix Google, author Umberto Eco, MIT and a team of architects and engineers with the London 2012 Olympics…and what do you get?

The Cloud…a structure of inflatable, transparent, 3D bubble screens covered with LEDs spheres supported by tall white towers—all to represent cloud computing.

And that structure will actually work to broadcast Olympic event data, news and weather, and tourist info. While the images projected on the bubbles would float above Olympic spectators, at ground level the sound would be broadcast.

Like the real Cloud,

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