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StorONE Launches TRU Storage

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Israeli storage startup StorONE claims to re-invent the storage stack with TRU (Total Resource Utilisation)-- a storage array controller able to provide file, block and object storage on the same drives.

StorONETRU supports all kinds of drives (namely NVMe, SAS, SATA, SSDs and HDDs) on the same server, together with all storage protocols (block, file and object). It can provide 650000 random read 4K IOPS and effectively unlimited snapshots, and scales up to 18Gb/sec of throughput and 15PB capacity.

StorONE claims a single HDD JBOD can provide 5Gbps with high capacity utilisation, while a single virtual appliance with low resources and just 4 SSDs can reach performance comparable to a midrange storage solution. Customers can install TRU storage as a physical server or virtual appliance, and it runs on any white label hardware, vendor hardware or hyper-converged infrastructure.

"Most storage systems and SDS vendors attempt to solve the storage performance chokepoint by adding more hardware, SSDs, NVMe, appliances or proprietary hardware while taking out or limiting storage features such as snapshots and data protection. Either methodology has diminishing marginal returns, adds complexity and high cost," the company adds. "The problem is with the storage software stack and we have solved it. While other vendors integrate, we innovate, allowing customers for the first time to benefit from reducing costs and complexity, while getting more enterprise-class features."

TRU is currently available through an Early Adopters Program and on-site hardware of 1PB provided for free. The license includes all features, storage protocols and performance, and organisations can change or move plans without penalty.