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Citrix Opens EU Cloud Region

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Citrix announces its Cloud EU region is open and ready for business, with the aim of meeting the requirements of enterprises based or operating in the region.

EU CloudIt promises improved response times from the admin interface, while connector traffic remains within the EU region-- at least depending on the service in use, since App Layering, Smart Tools, Lab Services and NetScaler use the US region. The interface also gets French, German and Spanish language options.

Customers already using the US-based Citrix Cloud can create an additional account in the EU, but it is currently not possible to move existing accounts between regions. Creating an EU account also creates an additional OrgID, and requires a different email address to the US account.

Citrix says the Cloud EU Region is still a work in progress, and as such it will have "more exciting announcements" for our part of the world in the coming months.

Go Citrix Cloud EU Region is Now Open for Business