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Maxta Reduces "VMware Tax" With Escape Pod

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Maxta presents means for customers to migrate virtual machines from VMware ESXi to Red Hat Virtualisation, and to run both hypervisors on the fully-supported yet truly open source Maxta virtualisation solution.

MaxtaThe result, the company says, helps organisations reduce (or outright eliminate) the "VMware tax" through the choice of a hypervisor that best fits the needs of an application. Maxta hyperconvergence software promises to eliminate the lock-in of server hardware or hypervisors, while facilitating movement to open source virtualisation.

After all, while hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions should simplify IT management through the convergence of separate compute, storage and networking tiers into a single system, man such solutions lock customers into specific hardware or hypervisors. Through its solution, Maxta claims, customers can use any brand of standard x86 server and different hypervisors, bringing about an upper hand in negotiations with server or virtualisation vendors.

“Red Hat Virtualisation is a data center virtualisation solution that offers extensive virtual machine lifecycle management functionality including deployment, configuration, and decommissioning of virtual machines,” Enterprise Strategy Group says. “Maxta’s support of Red Hat virtualisation gives organisations of all sizes a choice of two industry commercially hardened and fully supported virtualisation solutions, while Maxta’s new ability to migrate to Red Hat Virtualisation delivers the ability to choose.”

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