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Rambus Claims Fully-Functional DDR5 DIMM

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Memory maker Rambus announces what it says is an industry first-- a fully-functional DDR5 DIMM prototype, one capable of "the speeds required for the upcoming DDR5 standard."

DDR5"We are proud to provide an early path to adoption with the first working buffer chip prototype running at the anticipated performance of next-generation DDR5," the company says. "This demonstrates our continued dedication to be first to market and remaining on the leading edge of industry standards."

Standards association JEDEC still has to publish the standard for DDR5, but the memory technology should offer double the bandwidth and the density of DDR4, with improved channel efficiency and greater power efficiency. As such, DDR5 should reach data rates of up to 6.4Gbit/s and deliver a maximum of 51.2GBytes/s, up from the 3.2Gbit/s and 25.6GBytes/s of DDR4.

In addition, the technology pushes the 64-bit link down to 1.1V and burst lengths to 16 bits from 1.2V and 8 bits. In addition, DDR5 voltage regulators ride on the memory card instead of the motherboard.

Rambus expects DDR5 products to hit production in 2019, with the first products aimed at enterprise applications such as big data analytics and machine learning.

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