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Qumulo Launches "Universal-Scale" File Storage System

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Qumulo presents what it claims is the first "universal-scale" file storage system-- Qumulo File Fabric (QF2), a next-generation storage system able to create a single file domain spanning on-premises datacentres and the cloud.

QumuloDesigned to work to both own datacentres and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud, QF2 promises to provide enterprises with storage, management and access of file-based in any operating environment, at petabyte and global scale. It uses cross-cluster replication to move data wherever it is needed, be it on premises and the cloud, with no limit to the amount files used.

The company claims it already has customers with data footprints "in excess of a billion files."

The system uses standard SSDs and HDDs, and is built on block-based tiering of hot and cold data. Admins can check real-time usage, activity and throughput at any level of the unified director structure, no matter the amount of files in the system, and can place data sets anywhere. Cloud-based monitoring allows customers to detect and prevent problems on premises and on the cloud, while access to historical trends helps lower costs and optimise workflows.

“Data is the digital currency of the global economy, yet much of it is effectively stuffed under the mattress in legacy storage systems,” the company adds. “Customers have been clamoring for a solution that allows them to unlock the value of their data anywhere by flexibly scaling file storage across geographies, the cloud and in the data center. With QF2, they finally have it.”

QF2 is available now for on-premises datacentres and as QF2 clusters on AWS.

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