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Infosys and MongoDB Join Migration Forces

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Next-generation MongoDB bolsters its existing partnership with outsourcing specialist Infoysys to launch a mainframe offloading solution complementing their existing application modernisation offering.

Legacy mainframe"For decades, mainframes have been used to store business-critical data. However, they are increasingly unable to optimally handle the scale and complexity of modern applications, especially in a cost effective way," MongoDB says. "Infosys has been helping the largest enterprises in the world strategically transform their business through application modernisation with MongoDB. Our joint mainframe offload solution will further enable enterprises to migrate the data for new, flexible applications off legacy systems while keeping the mainframe utilised for what it was originally designed for."

The announcement expands on the application modernisation partnership the two companies formed in December 2016. It has Infosys offering the MongoDB-based solution to enterprises wanting to offload specific workloads from mainframes. As such, customers can migrate workloads off the mainframe wholly onto MongoDB systems, or run MongoDB on the mainframe for increased agility and cost reductions.

MongoDB adds its data platform offers the flexibility and scale demanded by modern applications, and migrating data off the mainframe brings data to the modern age, futureproofing it against an evolving technology landscape.

Go MongoDB and Infosys Announce Mainframe Offload Offering