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Qualtrics iQ Brings Predictive Intelligence to CX Masses

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Qualtrics reveals its predictive intelligence and machine learning service-- Qualtrics iQ, an IBM Watson-style cloud-based service capable of deep statistical analysis and predictive recommendations.

Qualtrics iQiQ is available to individual CX (customer experience) practitioners, and designed for non-technical line-of-business users. As such it eliminates time-consuming, manual data processes, and does not require tasks such as sorting through open text feedback, complex statistical analyses and identifying key drivers deep in data. The UI is drag and drop, making advanced features easy to use, even for new users.

The platform consists of 3 components-- Text iQ (uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyse open text feedback and surface trends in data), Driver iQ (identifies key experience drivers deep in data) and Stats iQ (provides automated and instant data analyses, with no need to for data exporting or massaging).

"Qualtrics iQ hunts down experience gaps automatically, predicting what customers want and helping organizations find and address issues before they negatively impact the business," the company says. "Machine learning helps automate tasks that were previously time consuming or impossible to scale, like analyzing open text feedback or finding key drivers buried in your data."

In addition, Qualtrix adds several features to its XM platform, including advanced data processing, response editing and the ability to streamline the data collection and preparation process. Such features promises to save hours of time when processing large, complex data sets.

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