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The Enterprise Comeback of Google Glass

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The much vaunted Google take on smart eyewear makes a quiet, enterprise comeback-- Glass Enterprise Edition (EE), a lightweight computer with a transparent display one can clip on eyeglasses or goggles.

Google Glass EEWhereas the original Google Glass was primarily a consumer device (even if, after a lengthy trial, Google decided this was not the case), Glass EE is aimed at the workplace. Designed by the X division within Google parent Alphabet, the Glass EE is an improved version of the first Explorer Edition. It has been in testing since 2013 with a network of 30 enterprise partners, including giants such as GE, Boeing, DHL, and Volkswagen.

According to Google, Glass EE features improvements in both software and hardware. On the software side the wearable features customised solutions as per the application it is being used in, while the hardware is both lighter and more powerful, making it ideal for long term wear. Thus, Glass EE provides GE employees with instructional videos and instructions as they repair aircraft engines, while DHL workers receive real-time instructions and visual aids on where to place items.

The device even finds use in the medical field-- Dignity Health doctors have an application able to take notes in the background while they speak to with patients, reducing time needed to type patient notes.

"We first saw signs of Glass’ potential for businesses in the Glass Explorer days," a blogpost by Glass project lead Jay Kothari reads. "Now the Glass product team is back at X, and we’ll be collaborating with the Google Cloud team and our partners to help customers across a variety of business sectors make the most of Glass. "

Companies interested in Glass EE can order the wearable device through the Google partner network.

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