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Google Takes on Cloud-Based IoT Management

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Google is the next company to announced a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) management service-- Cloud IoT Core, a means to connect IoT sensors and devices to the Google cloud platform.

Google Cloud IoT As a service integrated with other Google hosted offerings, Cloud IoT Core provides a one-stop shop for the real-time collection, processing, analysis and visualisation of IoT data. As the search giant puts it, a transportation or logistics firm can use the service to collect data from vehicles, before combining it with information such as weather and traffic in order to further improve fleet management.

Other examples have oil, gas and manufacturing companies using IoT sensors to enable intelligent equipment maintenance scheduling, or utility companies monitoring, analysing and predicting consumer energy use. Multiple Google cloud analytics services are integrated, including Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Machine Learning Engine and BigQuery big data analytics.

The service also includes 2-way communications between IoT devices and the cloud management interface-- a capablity allowing organisations to push security updates and patches to devices with remote update support.

Cloud IoT core is currently availableĀ as a private beta open to a few select participants. A number of IoT hardware and software vendors are involved, including Intel, NXP, Sierra Wireless, ARM, Mnubo, Helium and Losant.

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