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VMware Takes on IoT With Pulse

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VMware is the next player in the growing Internet of Things (IoT) space-- the company announces the Pulse IoT Centre, a means for companies to manage IoT infrastructure and devices at Dell EMC World.

VMwareiotDescribed as an opening salvo in a longer-term assault on the IoT industry, Pulse IoT Centre combines VMware AirWatch for device management and vRealize Operations for infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting. It offers users a single console with tools to visualise devices, perform analytics and real-time infrastructure fixes, and policy-based over-the-air update and security patch management.

It also includes means to wipe all data from compromised devices, and enterprises can set up secure tunnels between devices and applications.

"Infrastructure that used to be a datacentre has now expanded to cloud, mobile and now IoT," the company says. "The IoT focus has been around analytics, but trust and security are now key areas. Companies have less focus on the analytics and more on the nuts and bolts as the data makes its way back into the cloud and data center. Companies are beginning to realize that IoT analytics needs distributed infrastructure."

Pulse IoT Centre should be available on an unspecified date in 2017.

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