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Gartner: -6.9% Y-o-Y Decline for Q1 2017 EMEA PCs

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EMEA PC shipments total 17.9 million units in Q1 2017, Gartner reports-- a -6.9% Y-o-Y decline, with all major regions making the territory suffering decline.

A single exception is Russia, since a stabilised local economy brought about to single-digit PC shipment growth.

Gartner Q1 2017 pc

On a global level, the Q1 2017 PC market also sees decline-- shipments are down by -2.4% Y-o-Y to 62.2m, the first time quarterly shipments are below 63m units since 2007. The market does see some "modest" growth from the business segment, but this is offset by declining consumer demand.

Gartner says consumers continue to refrain from replacing older PCs, and some have even abandoned PCs altogether. In contrast the PC remains an important device in the business segment, since it is a main work device.

"While the consumer market will continue to shrink, maintaining a strong position in the business market will be critical to keep sustainable growth in the PC market. Winners in the business segment will ultimately be the survivors in this shrinking market," the analyst continues. "Vendors who do not have a strong presence in the business market will encounter major problems, and they will be forced to exit the PC market in the 5 five years. However, there will also be specialized niche players with purpose-built PCs, such as gaming PCs and ruggedised laptops."

As a result, the top 3 vendors-- Lenovo, HP and Dell-- will soon start battling for the large-enterprise segment, a market with limited opportunities for vendors below the top 3 (with exception of Apple, a company with a solid customer base in specific verticals).

In the Q1 2017 global vendor rankings, Lenovo and HP are in "virtual tie" for the top spot, with Lenovo accounting for 19.9% of the shipments followed by HP with 19.5% share. Dell comes 3rd with 15% share. Lenovo sees growth exceeding the regional average in all key regions except the US, while HP shows strongest growth at 6.5% Y-o-Y. Dell achieves 4 consecutive quarters of Y-o-Y growth, with shipment increase in all regions except the US.

Further affecting the market during the quarter is a price increase-- the result of component shortage, as DRAM prices have doubled since H1 2016 while SSDs have been in short supply. Such a situation will only suppress consumer PC demand further, discouraging buyers from PC purchases unless absolutely necessary. Gartner predicts the issue will grow not only in Q2 2017, but throughout 2017 as well.

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