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Oracle Bridges On-Premises, Cloud Storage

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Oracle announces Cloud Converged Storage-- an integration of cloud services with on-premises NAS storage, enabled via the ZFS Cloud software included in the latest ZFS Storage Appliance release.

Oracle The result, the company says, allows organisations to easily move data and applications to the cloud (or rather the Oracle cloud) without need for external cloud gateways, avoiding software and cloud access license fees. ZFS Cloud can manage environments with different security requirements, support teams, industry standards and skill sets, while reducing cost of ownership by 87%. Or so Oracle claims, at any rate.

“Cloud is forcing IT practitioners to rethink their organization’s infrastructure to accommodate current technology while future-proofing their business for tomorrow,” Oracle adds. “By converging the Oracle ZFS storage appliances with Oracle Storage Cloud, organisations benefit from the highest performing storage systems for their on-premises needs, while seamlessly extending them to Oracle Cloud resources when necessary.”

Further enhancements found in the ZFS Storage Appliance update include Intelligent Storage Protocol 2.0 (with next generation automation for Oracle Database), all-flash storage pools (scalable from 16TB to 2.4PB with over 34GB/s throughput) and cloud-scale protection (with backup performance of over 62TB per hour and data restore reaching 60TB per hour).

Go Oracle Unveils Industry-First Cloud Converged Storage