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IBM and Ricoh Team Up in Watson-Powered Whiteboards

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IBM and Ricoh announce a partnership in a cognitive-enabled interactive whiteboard using IBM's Watson intelligence and voice technologies to support voice commands, taking notes and actions and even translating to other languages.

IBM Ricoh whiteboardThe so called Intelligent Workplace Solution leverages IBM Watson and Ricoh interactive whiteboards to allow voice control. It also makes sure Watson does not just listen, but instead is an active meeting participant, using real-time analytics to help guide discussions.

Once a meeting begins, any employee (be it in-person or remotely) can control the screen, including advancing slides, through simple voice commands using the Watson Natural Language API. As mentioned earlier the whiteboard can translate speakers' words into several other languages, and even display them on screen or in transcript.

A simple swipe of a badge logs attendance into the Intelligent Workplace Solution. It also can track key agenda items to ensure all topics are discussed. During meetings team members can also hold side conversations, which are displayed on the same whiteboard.

IBM says it is currently installing 80 Ricoh interactive whiteboards in its new Watson HQ in Munich, Germany.

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