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Fujitsu Uses Smartphones to Secure Cloud on IoT Devices

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Fujitsu announces an easier means to enable cloud services through Internet of Things (IoT) devices using the biometric authentication functionality of smartphones.

Fujitsu IoT SecuritySuch security comes through FIDO (Fast Identity Online), the standard bringing together a full range of technologies, including biometrics (fingerprint scanners, voice and facial recognition), Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), USB security tokens, Near Field Communication (NFC) and One Time Passwords (OTP).

As the company puts it, the technology establishes a secure network between a cloud service, IoT device and a smartphone, before simultaneously verifying the identity of the user and that of the user in front of the IoT device. Thus, one can "safely and conveniently" access cloud services through a range of IoT devices without need for an ID or password, instead simply using their smartphone's biometric authentication.

In addition it enables the provision of strong personal authentication services using biometrics, without service providers managing biometric information for each device or service.

Fujitsu plans to first show off the technology at the Retailtech Japan trade show, before it goes commercial later this year.

Go Fujitsu Enables Secure Use of Cloud Services Via IoT Devices Using a Smartphone's Biometric Authentication