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Windos 10 Cloud OS Leaks

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Twitter user adguard (@rgadguard) leaks what one can describe as a more lightweight version of Windows 10-- Windows 10 Cloud, the Microsoft take on the Google's ChromeOS.

Windows 10 CloudCurious users who took the risk and installed the leaked ISO file discovered a stripped-down version of the OS able to only run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, something reminiscent of the short-lived Windows RT. The UI looks very similar to that of regular Windows 10, with a task bar and integrated Cortana-powered search field. However, attempts at installing Win32 applications brings a message stating the OS "was made to help protect you and your device by exclusively running Windows Store apps."

Since this is a very early build, one cannot confirm whether Windows 10 Cloud depends on the cloud like ChromeOS-- after all, "Cloud" might simply be an early moniker. Rumours suggest the OS might be a stripped down version for notebooks used schools and call centres, where Chromebooks found a very comfortable niche.

According to Futuresource Consulting Chromebooks account for over 50% of education PC sales in the US.

In other Windows-related news, Microsoft gives developers a sneak peak of Project NEON-- an upcoming update on Windows 10 design language adding further fluidity, animation and blur to apps and the OS. As revealed by Windows Central, NEON will appear on all Windows 10 devices, and essentially brings a "fresh coat of paint" to the now familiar Windows UI.

Go Windows 10 Cloud Leak (@rgadguard on Twitter)

Go Microsoft Gave Us a Sneak Peak at "Project NEON" (Windows Central)