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VoltDB Upgrades In-Memory Database

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VoltDB launches an upgrade of the in-memory SQL database sharing its name-- VoltDB 7.0, a version customers can deploy either on-premise or in-cloud.

VoltdbDescribed by the company as the world's fastest in-memory SPL database, VoltDB 7.0 powers apps managing large amounts of data generated from a variety of sources. It offers powerful multi-site/cluster, multi-version cross-datacentre replication (XDCR) to lower application latency and improve availability and disaster recovery across multiple datacentres, as well as enhanced real-time analytics and streaming data support.

Also included is support for continuous queries over high-velocity event streams, including AWS Kinesis stream ingestion and export, and includes a Confluent-certified Kafka Connect utility.

"VoltDB is empowering global enterprises to monetise data in milliseconds, and with v7.0, we are extending its power to more markets, with greater features and flexibility," the company says. "Our customers count on us to provide the platform they need to build and run 24x7, critical applications that require high transactional throughput and low latency."

VoltDB 7.0 is available in a range of licensing terms for both on-premise and in-cloud deployments, making it ideal for mid-size businesses and developers as well as enterprises and software vendors. It can also be found on the Amazon Web Services app store.

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