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ILA Launches into Microserver Business

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ILA in Netherlands will launch their own ILA product on March 1st this year--- based on licensed microserver technology from IBM and Astron.Fred Buining

The company will enter the market with a bare metal product that contains server class compute nodes based on a system on a chip (SoC) with SATA, networking, serial port and boot FLASH interfaces on the same chip.

“Microservers are densely packed clusters of low power servers running computationally light workloads between thousands of processor cores, 2x reduction in Capex, 2x reduction in power consumption, 10x reduction in space, 14x increase in rack performance,” says Fred Buining, CEO and Managing Director.  Buining [shown in picture] was previously Director Technology and Markets for Logic Supply Europe.

At ILA, multiple microserver nodes will be clustered in a 2U case with maximum of 64 nodes, providing up to 1536 cores (depending on which SoC is chosen). It is the World’s Densest 64-Node Microserver System.

Next to their own product, ILA is the exclusive value add distributor of Kaleao products (KMAX) in the EU and a value-added distributor for NEC DX Microserver technology in the EU.

The hyperconverged platform KMAX is, according to Kaleao, the first “true converged” compute, storage, and networking platform for enterprises and cloud computing.

NEC’s DX2000 platform features a highly scalable solution, allowing customers to start from a small configuration. Optimized for real-time processing in today’s Big Data and IoT era, the DX2000 is also suitable for high-speed and redundant NW requirements for cloud workloads.

NEC and Kaleao are air-cooled via fans while their ILA systems will be warm-liquid cooled for more efficiency. Together, ILA, Kaleao and NEC products will allow ILA to bring a full product line to two major markets:

Data center market. Microserver technology can handle certain “parallelizable” tasks more efficiently than traditional servers and blades-- resulting in better performance, watt and efficiency gains in energy, reduced labour costs and more data center space.

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). Microserver technology in a 2U ‘shoe box’ server can process large volumes of sensory data locally at the edge. This is useful, for example, for real time decision making, distribution of static content and media streaming in areas such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Factory, advanced logistics, transport, health and security.

ILA is teaming up with a yet-to-be-named large global company that will launch mobile data centers for these two markets, offering ILA microservers with these mobile data centers. 

Get in the Ring

ILA has been selected in the ASML global competition Get In the Ring as one of Top 10 startup companies that have the potential to make a big impact in the future of manufacturing. 

One of the servers in the ILA product line provides a very compact energy-efficient powerful edge compute allowing large volumes of sensory data to be processed real-time on the factory floor. 

Technavio’s market research analyst predicts the global data center microserver market will grow at a spectacular CAGR (close to 29% during the forecast period). Key drivers for this market are the growing use of big data analytics and the rising demand for green and more efficient data centers.

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