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Platform9 Launches Managed Kubernetes Service

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Platform9, a startup founded by ex-VMware engineers, announces its first product-- the Managed Kubernetes service, described as "the industry's first infrastructure-agnostic, SaaS-managed offering."

KubernetesManaged Kubernetes is deployed and managed as a SaaS solution, across on-premises and public cloud infrastructure, making for a simpler operational and consumption model eliminating the steep learning curve associated with Kubernetes. It is fully integrated, infrastructure-agnostic and and allows DevOps and IT teams to integrate across any combination of cloud platform or on-premises infrastructure, without need to rewreite a single line of code or worry about backend configuration or maintenance.

"SaaS-managed delivery makes Kubernetes accessible to a much larger audience at a time when many development teams are committing to microservices as their cloud-native development paradigm," the company says. "We have built our reputation on our OpenStack-as-a-service offering, which remains a core focus-- and propelled 400% customer growth for Platform9 in 2016 alone. While enterprises will be running virtualized workloads on OpenStack for years to come, though, there's growing demand for platforms that offer a choice of virtualisation, microservices or both. Microservices in particular require a more intuitive, managed approach that reduces time-to-value for Kubernetes projects and work on any choice of infrastructure: on-premises, in the cloud or across multiple clouds."

Also announced by the company is Fission-- an open source serverless framework built on Kubernetes. Designed as an alternative to AWS Lambda, it runs anywhere Kubernetes can run (from laptops to datacentres and public clouds), and is available on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as an inception project.

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