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F5 Networks Presents Herculon Security

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F5 Networks steps into security as it announces Herculon-- a security product line featuring standalone offerings such as the SSL Orchestrator, DDoS Hybrid Defender and Silverline WAF Express cloud-based security-as-a-service.

F5 NetworksThe Herculon line is designed to provide heightened visibility and control around application behaviour in order to solve challenges, in an easy to deploy manner. The first product is the SSL Orchestrator, a means to provide insight in the visibility gaps created by the growing use of encryption for application data. It features purpose-built hardware for SSL/TLS and provides "leading" cryptographic capabilities, context-aware dynamic service chaining and native integrations.

Meanwhile the DDoS Hybrid Defend provides multilayered defense against volumetric and pervasive DDoS attacks through a combination of high-performance hardware and offsite cloud scrubbing via F5 Silverline. Such a hybrid approach improves time to mitigation, and the product can be deployed in-line or in out-of-band mode with comprehensive DDoS coverage through behavioural analytics, sub-second attack mitigation and visibility into application layer attacks.

The final F5 security offering is the the addition of pre-configured self-service web application firewall (WAF) in the Silverline cloud platform. Customers can select the applications WAF services are applied to, and F5 manages security policies to protect apps from a wide range of threats, including OWASP attacks, parameter tampering and bots.

The above mentioned F5 security products are available now.

Go F5 Delivers Application Security for the Digital Economy