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Intel Presents Credit Card-Size Compute Card

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Intel reveals a PC small enough to fit in a wallet at CES 2017-- the Compute Card, a device measuring 95 x 55 x 5mm the company claims brings computing power "to virtually any product, anywhere."

Intel compute cardThe compact Compute Card frame fits an Intel system-on-chip, memory, storage and wifi/Bluetooth connectivity. Chipzilla does not reveal the actual specifications as yet, but it promises a modular design customers will be able to configure with a range of processors, including 7th gen Intel Core CPUs with vPro.

Connecting a Compute Card to a device demands a new standard connector-- one described as "USB-C plus extension." The connector handles USB, PCIe, HDMI, DP and additional signals running between the card and devices, and Intel says it can be used by a wide variety of things, such as interactive fridges, smart kiosks, security cameras, smart TVs and IoT gateways.

Chipzilla adds it is already working with a wide range of OEMs, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sharp DTX, InFocus and TabletKiosk, to build devices feauturing Compute Card slots. Vendors might also build the slots in PCs so that customers can "take advantage of the simplified design, ease of serviceability and user upgradeability of the Intel Compute Card."

The Compute Card will be available exclusively to hardware partners from H2 2017.

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