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Brocade Expands SLX Networking Portfolio

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Brocade follows on the SLX 9850 routing solution with a set of new SLX series products-- the SLX 9140, SLX 9240 and SLX 9540 switches-- together with new automation suites for Workflow Composer.

Brocade routerlThe SLX datacentre switches feature what the company describes as "unparalleled" network visibility, allowing customers to quickly identify problems, accelerate mean-time-to-remediation and improve overall service levels. They deliver leaf, spine and edge connectivity while leveraging the SLX Insight architecture.

The SLX 9140 is a fixed top-of-rack (ToR) switch providing forty-eight 25GbE ports and six 100GbE ports. The SLX 9240 is a fixed spine switch with 32 x 100/40GbE ports, while the SLX 9540 offers up to 48 x 1/10GbE ports. Both 9140 and 9210 also include a programmable ASIC using silicon from Cavium XPliant.

Meanwhile the StackStorm-powered Worklfow Composer gets automated network provisioning, validation, troubleshooting and remediation workflows, making it ideal for customers wanting pre-built workflows to accelerate time-to-value. As a server-based, DevOps-style network automation platform, Workflow Composer integrates across domains for end-to-end workflow automation.

"Organisations that are going through digital transformation need networks that are extremely agile, extensively automated and highly visible," the company says. "Brocade is delivering the breadth and depth of flexibility and agility that sets us apart from other network providers. We do so vertically across the data center stack, and horizontally across domains within the data center-- while being open at every layer."

The SLX 9540 switch is shipping now, with the 9140 and 9240 to follow on January 2017. Workflow Composer is available now, with the new automation suites available on preview form on December 2016 before general availability on February 2017.

Go Brocade Expands Datacentre Networking Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation