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IBM iOS Apps Get Watson

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IBM adds more power to the MobileFirst iOS apps with Watson, providing "a broad set of conversational and cognitive capabilities to help increase the productivity and improve the experience of enterprise employees."

IBM MobilefirstThe Watson capabilities introduced to the MobileFirst apps include conversational interaction and deep insights to end users, making for more convenient and easier to use apps complete with ands-free control. For example, users can speak to the Find & Fix app while servicing equipment on the field, using voice prompts to ask for suggestions to solve specific problems through the app tapping into technical equipment manuals.

Another example has retail staff using the Sales Assist app to access data across different resources, such as customer databases and product forums, for deeper insight into customer preferences and purchasing trends.

“Apple and IBM set out more than two years ago to help define the enterprise mobility market, ensuring that professionals could finally enjoy at work the same experience they’d come to expect as consumers," Big Blue says. "We are taking that to a whole new level by combining the power of Watson with the new speech framework of iOS 10... This is a digital assistant for the business-- one that creates the next-generation professional experience tailored for enterprise processes.”

The IBM Cloud handles delivery and updates, making for easy integration of both current and future Watson-powered capabilities.

The MobileFirst initiative has IBM handle hardware leasing, device management, security, analytics, mobile integration and on-site repairs, while Apple takes helps with software development and customer support.

Go IBM Powers MobileFirst for iOS Apps With Watson