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WiGig Gets Wifi Certification

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The Wifi Alliance certifies WiGig, the wireless networking standard operating in the 60GHz spectrum promising to enable multi-gigabit performance in a variety of short-range applications.

Wigig The wider 60GHz band is less congested, and complements the existing 2.4 and 5GHz wifi bands. It transmits data at speeds reaching up to 8Gbps and low latencies, with beamforming aiming signals directly at devices. Signal range reaches 10m-- short, but suitable for wired-grade line-of-sight scenarios both in-room and outside.

WiGig can find use in smartphones, portable PCs, tablets and access points, as well as home entertainment and general CE. ABI research predicts 2017 WiGig chipset shipments will reach 180 million in smartphones, before reaching 1.5 billion in total by 2021.

“Wifi Alliance certification has a strong history of accelerating broad technology adoption across the industry, and we expect 2017 to be a breakout year for WiGig on the heels of Wifi Certified program availability,” ABI adds. “The ecosystem for WiGig spans the mobile, PC, and consumer electronics industries across the consumer, enterprise, and service provider markets. Devices will leverage the brand and ubiquity of wifi for continued momentum across these industries.”

The Dell Latitude E7450/70 is the first WiGig-enabled device be Wifi-certified, and both Intel and Qualcomm have certified router solutions. More device should hit the market by 2017, meaning WiGig should become a must have in a year or so.

Go Wifi-Certified WiGig Brings Multi-Gigabit Performance to Wifi Devices