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The Next Apple Enterprise Partner: Deloitte

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Apple continues pushing towards enterprise as it announces a partnership with Deloitte-- one involving a Deloitte Apple practise with over 5000 "strategic advisors" guiding businesses in the way of the iDevice.

Apple DeloitteThe Deloitte consultancy covers the entire enterprise, from customer-facing functions such as retail, field services and recruitment, to R&D, inventory management and back-office systems.

The two companies will also collaborate on a new Deloitte Consulting offering dubbed EnterpriseNext-- a means to help customers take full advantage of the iOS hardware, software and services ecosystem in the workplace. It covers 20 industry and includes Value Maps for iOS (helps customers discover the highest impact possibilities for iDevices within their industries, align mobile opportunities and prioritise digital resources), Workshops for iOS (allows the quick prototyping of custom-built iOS solutions) and the services of iOS architects, designers and engineers housed at Deloitte Digital Studios around the world.

“We know that iOS is the best mobile platform for business because we’ve experienced the benefit ourselves with over 100000 iOS devices in use by Deloitte’s workforce, running 75 custom apps,” Deloitte says. “Our dedicated Apple practice will give global businesses the expertise and resources they need to empower their mobile workforce to take advantage of the powerful ecosystem iOS, iPhone and iPad offer, and help them achieve their ambitions, while driving efficiency and productivity.”

Go Apple and Deloitte Team Up to Accelerate Business Transformation on iPhone and iPad