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Midokura Boosts MEM OpenStack Capabilities

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The latest release of the Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM) software-defined networking (SDN) solution features the ability to connect multiple OpenStack-based clouds, as well as container platform support.

Midokura“Enterprise organisations across the globe continue to adopt Midokura’s network virtualization solution to make cloud adoption easier and to retain a tight grip over their networks and applications,” the company says. “Our latest iteration of the MEM technology is designed to address real market needs, including the ability to connect multiple OpenStack clouds and support the containers movement.”

MEM router peering handles overlay connectivity between multiple OpenStack deployments via VXLAN tunneling. The result, the company says, is direct connectivity between multiple sites without need for constant backup procedures, as well as a reduction in control traffic and broadcast storms across multiple sites.

Another MidoNet Manager addition provides correlation of the overlay with current and historic events happening in the underlay-- enabling real-time fabric topology visualisation in relation to logical switches and routers.

As for containers, MEM currently supports technologies suchas Kubernets and Docker Swarm. It allocates subnets by namespaces, allowing as many per node as required.

Also promised are "drastic" memory improvements (by up to 75%), leading to better application stability and improved application response time.

The lastest MEM release is available now.

Go Midokura Announces Robust Overlay Connectivity for Multiple OpenStack Clouds