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Google Engineer Warns of Subpar USB-C Cables

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Google engineer Benson Leung has a somewhat unusual mission-- to test the many 3rd party USB Type-C cables available on the market] in order to let people know of the risks involved with such cables.

USB-CLeung worked on Google's recent Pixel devices, and insists many recently launched USB-C cables are actually not suitable for laptop or mobile device use. How come?Such cables might not be properly wired for laptop charging or fail to accurately identify power sources, leading to laptop, USB hub or charger damage.

"USB Type-C will only be as good as its ecosystem, and more specifically, the worst of its ecosystem," Leung writes.

So far Leung uses the medium of Amazon reviews to warn potential customers of subpart cables, going under the handle "LaughingMan." He also has a Google+ post describing how one can test USB-C cables through the Chromebook Pixel developer mode.

Not all 3rd party USB-C cables are made bad, mind-- FREiEQ, Belkin and iOrange produce worthy cables, Leung says. We think it is worth checking out his recommendations to ensure ensure you don't damage your customers through the sale of shoddy product.

Go Brandon Leung Google+ Post

Go LaughingMan Amazon Reviews